Love Island News: Kem Cetinay Spills All On Show's ‘Day Off’

By Juliet Smith

11th June 2019

Love Island News: Kem Cetinay Spills All On Show’s ‘Day Off’

In the latest Love Island news, 2017 winner Kem Cetinay has revealed that the contestants get a ‘day off’ each week. 

Love Island doesn’t air on a Saturday to give contestants time to leave the villa and “chill out” on the beach without their microphones on.
Kem Cetinay – who won the show alongside ex-girlfriend Amber Davies in 2017 – revealed the reason the ITV reality series has a 24-hour break is so contestants can take time off to leave the villa and “chill out” without their microphones on, and it gives bosses time to have the building cleaned.

Ahead of Sunday night’s episode, Kem spoke about the day off as he joined Phillip and Holly on This Morning.

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“Twitter was going mad this weekend because everyone was wondering why there was no Love Island on Saturday, so of course I know why”

“When [I] was in there, they give you one day off, one day off a week,” 

Holly asked: “Do you get to leave the villa?” 


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“Well, what happens is, it gives them [the show] a day to clean the villa and you take your mics off and normally we [would] go to the beach and we would just chill out,” Kem responded.

“I know, not a lot of people know this,” Kem added.

A shocked Holly probed: “Are you joking?” as Schofe tried attempted to clarify: “So what, so couplings could happen on the beach?” 

Kem replied: “Well, what happens is, when you take your mics off you’re not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show or the couples.

You’ve got to talk about home life, you’re being watched by an eagle hawk, by the producers. They don’t want you to talk about what’s going on.” 

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Followed by Phillip’s question: “Can you sit with someone you like that maybe you’re not with in the show?” 

“Yes, of course! You can all sit and chat, but they are quite careful with what you talk about because they want to keep it so everyone at home can see and get it on video. But at the same time, it’s their day to clean the villa, get everything done, give you a day off and your time to relax and not be so intense with the chats,”the former islander said.

Holly teased the 2017 winner, asking why the contestants needed a day out from their ‘summer off’, with which Kem replied:

“It’s more a day off to relax. When I say relax, you’re relaxing all summer anyway, but it’s a day off from all the intense games, all the intense dates, deciding who you like and don’t like…”

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After Kem’s interview, an ITV representative added in a statement:

“Occasionally in the past, some Islanders have been taken out of the villa – for example last year all of the girls were taken out for beauty treatments – but this is at the producers’ discretion and it is very much done on an ad hoc basis (as opposed to a set day each week). The majority of the dates, which are filmed, take place away from the villa.”

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