Phillip Schofield: All The Things You Need To Know (SEO)

By Lucy Cooper

13th May 2019

Phillip Schofield: Everything You Need To Know

Phillip Schofield has now taken the reigns as the UK’s most popular TV presenter (can we just replace Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain with our Phil?)

From All Star Mr & Mrs to Dancing on Ice, Schofield’s career has spanned over 25 years and over this time he has stolen the hearts of the nation, earning his title as the UK’s most loved host.

Whilst we all follow the Schofe’ on Twitter, have watched all the episodes of The Cube and have undeniably seen every Willoughby/Schofield complication out there – there are still quite a few things that even we (surprisingly and shamefully) didn’t know about this silver fox.

Yes, the nation might be obsessing over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the minute, but we’re more obsessed with the Schofe – and you will be thrilled to know we have only just touched the tip of the iceberg on our knowledge of this fine specimen of a man…

1. Whilst he was born in Oldham in Lancashire, he actually spent his youth growing up in Newquay.

He definitely does not sound like he is from the North of England, but he definitely is.

Before the silver fox became the silver fox…

phillip schofield baby


However, that posh accent has come from spending his childhood growing up in Newquay, Cornwall.

Phillip’s family moved to Cornwall when he was only 18 months old – that explains his signature Southern accent!

2. He released a single back in the 90s

Not only is he the nation’s favourite presenter, he also used to be a pop sensation – is there anything he can’t do?

Video Source 

Following his appearance in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, he was asked to do a cover of the song ‘Close Every Door’. Phil’s show stopper, ‘Any Dream Will Do’, also features on this single as a B-side. And what a tune it was!

The song was not only released as a single, but it formed part of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s album “The Premiere Collection Encore.”


3. He claims that he would quit This Morning if Holly Willoughby ever left

Without the Holly and Phil combo, our mornings would be a lot darker. We’ve all spent hours watching compilations, just of the duo laughing.

Video Source 

Who can forget this legendary post-NTAs morning on the show?

Phil said:

“We know each other really well. I’d go as far as to say that if Holly said ‘I don’t want to do it any more’, then I would follow.”

Holly shares the same sentiments as her co-star, adding:

“I couldn’t agree more… It’s a brilliant partnership.”

4. It was at just 15 he landed his first role in the media industry as a tea boy

He appeared on a Sunday radio show ‘Hospital Radio Plymouth’ at just fifteen years old. Phillip spent years writing numerous letters to the BBC and at 17 they eventually got back to him. At the Broadcasting House in London, a young Schofield worked as a booking clerk and tea boy.

By the age of 17, the silver fox had moved from Oldham to Newquay and already had two jobs! But while Schofield was working as a teaboy behind the camera, his dream was always to be in front of it.

phillip schofield bear

Image Source

It soon became clear that this rather determined young man was destined for big and huge things.

The BBC Archive recalls:

At 3.55pm on 9 September 1985, Phillip Schofield presented the first slot for the all-new ‘Children’s BBC’. 

At just 22, Schofe’s television career truly began!

5. He started going grey early

In recent years, Schofield has become recognisable around the world for his light grey hair, adopting his nickname: the silver fox.

phillip schofield brown hair

Image Source

In a recent interview, Schofield revealed that he started going grey from as young as 16 (the same age as his Mum was when she greyed!)

Phillip admitted that from the age of 16 he dyed his hair in attempt to conceal his silver streaks, after BBC were against his natural hair. It’s ironic how the one thing the BBC wanted to change about their new protege was what would go on to become his trade mark!

6. He is a wine expert

Aside from family, theatre, music and presenting…one of the greatest loves in Phillip Schofield’s life is wine. Back in 2013, Schofield secured a column in the Waitrose Weekend paper writing about wine. Schofield is not only the voice behind the wine magazine column, but the face too.

phillip schofield wine

Image Source 

His love even encouraged him to open up a separate Twitter account @SchofeOnWine, dedicated to wine!

It seems the silver fox isn’t just partial to a wine, but just about any tipple…

7. He’s got two additional ladies in his life…

As well as being one of Britain’s most loved presenters, he also has two grown- up daughters: Molly, 25 and Ruby, 22. They’ve obviously inherited their brains and beauty from The Schofe…

phillip schofield daughters

Image Source 

He suffers with empty nest syndrome though, still paying his daughters’ phone bills under the condition they keep in touch!

 “The minute they go quiet I tell them they’re going to have to pay”

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