By Emma Moylan

24th May 2019

Zero From Holes Is Shockingly Different Now

Ever wondered about what happened to Zero from Holes? He was an absolute cutie pie but has had quite the career change…

A film about a young boy sent to a brutal camp where the camp warden forces the children to dig holes all day long in the desert? What’s not to love?

Hector Zeroni was a camper at Camp Green Lake and cruelly nicknamed Zero after people assumed he seriously lacked intelligence! (Which we later learned was NOT the case!).

Zero Holes - Khleo Thomas as Zero in Disney's Holes

Source/Seventeen Magazine

In reality, the poor boy just had a rough upbringing and preferred to keep to himself. That is, until he formed a special connection with Shia LaBeouf’s character Stanley – they soon became best friends!

So what is Khleo Thomas up to these days?

From Zero To A Hundred

We remember Zero as the fresh-faced, quite cutie pie but he has changed a helluva lot since then.


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Can I be your MCM ? #SlickLiving

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He Has Been Working On A Hip Hop Career

For a while, Khleo was working on a career in R&B and Hip Hop.

With songs ‘5 On It’, ‘Ride’ and ‘So Many Girls’ all having moderate success, you can view them all on YouTube.


You might not have heard of his songs but Khleo opened shows for both Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, so all in all, he’s not doing too badly for himself.


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Do you believe in foresight…I do

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He Has His Own Clothing Brand: Slick Living

Hoodies, T-Shirts and joggers – you can follow the links in his Insta bio to both men’s and women’s clothing.

And the best bit? Part of the merchandise is Holes inspired!


This seems to be what he’s devoting most of his time to nowadays.

His YouTube Channel Is Popping OFF

His videos only last about a minute long but there are PLENTY of them.


From debating whether you should go to an ex’s wedding, what the best Beyonce song ever is and our personal favourite: him taking a quiz about the Holes film!


With 60,469 subscribers and endless vids, you’ll find yourself flying through his channel for hours!

He also works on a podcast called Awarewolvvves which is well worth a listen.

He Has Been Getting Back Into Acting

Despite his different ventures here and there, Khleo has stuck to acting, appearing in several bits and bobs over the years.

In 2016, he appeared in two episodes of Shameless as Dylan Oswald.


Appearing in both movies and TV shows he has acted in episodes of Major Crimes and Relationship Status, as well as Anywhere With You and Paint It Red.

Zero Holes - Khleo Thomas From Holes Now


Could we one day see him star along Shia LaBeouf again? Here’s Hoping.


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