By Cara Dudgeon

24th May 2019

Remember Zig Zag (Holes) – This Is What He Is Like Now!

Do you remember Zig Zag (Holes movie kid – not the design!) It seems that every teen was made to watch the coming of age film!

We were all invested in the members of Camp Green Lake’s D-Tent – Zig Zag, Caveman, Armpit, Barfbag, Magnet, Squid, Twitch, X-Ray and little Zero.

Every day the boys would have to dig MASSIVE holes – hence the title – in the ferocious heat of the desert. It looked like the hardest job in the world!

They were told initially told that they were doing this to ‘learn their lessons’ and ‘build their character’, but Stanley knew that there was an underlying reason for all these holes and it turned out that reason was… TREASURE!

Did you know that the movie was based off the 1998 young adult novel of the same name, written by Louis Sachar? Both the movie and the book did well with critics; the book won the U.S. National Book Award for Young People’s Literature in 1998 and the following year it won a Newbery Medal for the ‘most distinguished contribution to American literature for children’ in that year!

But what does Zig Zag look like now…?

Zig Zag In The Movie

Zig Zag, who was actually named Ricky, was sent to the detention camp after he set off fire crackers at his school; they ended up setting off the fire alarm, and, well, you know the rest…

Zig Zag Holes movie with wild hair

Image Source/ Buzzfeed

Our first encounter with Zig Zag is when he says the now famous line:

‘Did you tell him about the lizards?’

Referring to the yellow spotted lizards which are poisonous and killed the legendary Kissin’ Kate Barlow. He states this line to scare Stanley.

One of his most memorable scenes was the fight between him, ‘Caveman’ (Stanley Yelnats – played by Shia LaBeouf) and ‘Zero’ (Hector Zeroni – played by Khleo Thomas) whilst they were – surprise surprise – digging holes.

So what has Zig Zag been up to since his days of digging holes? Also known as 2003!

First of all, can you believe that it has been more than fifteen years since its initial release?!

Zig Zag was played by Max Kasch, who has been acting since the late 1980s.

He has had odd single episode roles in TV shows, such as ER and Two Of A Kind, and short movies like Behind God’s Back, before landing the role which, arguably, people now remember his most for, Zig Zag.

He and Holes co-star, Shia Labeouf – who had the leading role of Stanley Yelnats – acted together again in the 2005 movie The Greatest Game Ever Played.

Zig Zag Holes - Max Kasch as Freddie Wallis in the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played

Image Source/ Vivo Wallpaper

Max continued to act throughout the 2010s, starring in movies such as Whiplash, Waiting… and Forever Strong.

However, his last acting role was in 2016, in the thriller/ horror film Wichita.

Since then, Max has got serious about his love life – even getting married! He tied the knot with hairdresser Sophie Sawyer in 2016.

However, it looks like it wasn’t meant to last as Sophie is currently #ManCrushMonday-ing on another gentleman…

Max is in a band named ‘Brother’ with his own brothers – if you hadn’t guessed already! His brothers, Cody and Dylan, are also actors.

Cody starred as Zach Young in Desperate Housewives and Dylan was in the movie Sky Kids (originally titled The Flyboys).

Max plays the lead guitar in the band, with his brother Cody on bass guitar and his other brother Dylan on the drums.

He even has an instagram page dedicated to his music:


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Tonight: @ojaiundergroundexchange with Bernie Larsen, 7:30pm

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We are hoping that he returns to the big screen soon becauseĀ that face is too pretty to just be on the ‘gram!

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