Real Life Partners Of The This Is Us Cast

By Kirsty Bachor

2nd May 2019

This Is Us Cast And Their Real Life Partners

This Is Us has fast become one of the most beloved shows in America. The drama series follows Jack and Rebecca Pearson, their family.

They always say that being a parent is the hardest job and this show indicates why that might be the case.

The six time nominated and one time win (wooo!) Golden Globe nominated show is the perfect mix of drama, romance and comedy – with its fair share of shocking twists and jumps from present day to the past AND the future. It’s the perfect recipe for a TV show! People must agree because it has recently been announced that This Is Us has been renewed for THREE more seasons.

And some of those twists are, of course, related to who’s sleeping with who – but who are the cast members entangled with in their real lives?

Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore)

Rebecca is the amazing mommy who we first see deliver triplets – the child versions of the ‘Big Three’ are played by Mackenzie Hancsicsak, Parker Bates and Lonnie Chavis.

But after one of the triplets is still born, she decides to adopt a black child. A true family woman building her brood.

Rebecca and Jack’s marriage is complex and she struggles with his alcohol addiction.

This Is Us Cast Rebecca

Image Source/ Vulture

Mandy Moore & Husband Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy got engaged to Taylor back in 2017 and the pair married on November 18th 2018.

Taylor is a musician in the rock groups Dawes, Middle Brother and The New Basement Tapes. 

The pair share a love of the outdoors, as they recently climbed Kilimanjaro together. Couple goals.


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Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown)

Randall is the adopted child of the Pearsons and is usually told to step aside so his Grandma can get photos of ‘just the twins’. Younger Randall is played by Niles Fitch and Lonnie Chavis.

He eventually reconnects with his biological father, William.

After the death of his adoptive father, Randall declines a place at college to take care of his family. He then meets his future wife at an alternative college.

Randall and Beth go on to have two daughters and adopt a daughter too!

This Is Us Cast Randall

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Sterling K. Brown & Wife Ryan Michelle Bathe

Sterling is actually married to his co-star on the show – but it isn’t the actress who plays his on-screen wife, Beth.

Ryan played Yvette on the show; she appeared in four episodes.

Sterling and his wife, Ryan Michelle, have been happily married since 2007 and are parents to two boys.

Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan)

Toby met his wife, Kate, at a meeting for people who struggle with weight (at least Kate and Toby shared a common goal).

He later has a hard time of it, including a heart attack and a hole in his poor heart.

In Season 3, we saw Toby struggle with depression, which actor Chris said he struggled with:

‘Getting into the anxiety and depression of the character is hard. It’s a hard place to live as an actor, because it’s hard to keep those emotions from drifting into your own well-being… It’s involved a lot of self care and re-cooperating after long stretches of that.’

This Is Us Cast Toby

Image Source/ Good Housekeeping

Chris Sullivan & Wife Rachel Reichard

Actor Chris’s wife of six years, Rachel, is a short film producer, and the pair got married only days before moving to New York City together.

The two of them are very much in love, even frequently co-coordinating their outfits on the red carpet. Cute.


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Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia)

Jack is the initial husband of Mandy Moore’s Rebecca, eager to start a family and even talked Rebecca into having one.

Later in the show, we find out he has trouble with alcoholism. We see how this affects his relationship with Rebecca and his children.

This Is Us Cast Jack

Image Source/ Chicago Tribune

Milo Ventimiglia & Girlfriend Kelly Egarian

You may remember Milo from his roles as Jess in Gilmore Girls and Peter in Heroes.

Did you know that he also played Rocky Balboa’s son? Typically named, Rocky Jr.

Milo has long since been a bit of a crush-icon – which means there’s a lot of critical eyes on the person he’d choose to date. And that just so happens to be Kelly Egarian, a marketing coordinator whom Milo has tried to be pretty private about.

The pair have been seen kissing and dancing at award ceremonies – and why the hell not?

Milo and real life girlfriend Kelly at an award show

Image Source/ Eonline!

Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge)

Sophie is the childhood best friend of Kate Pearson and this is how she met her future husband, Kevin (Kate’s brother).

Sometime before the show started, the pair got divorced.

She managed to reconnect with Kevin after not seeing him for 12 years.

This led to Kevin asking Sophie to start dating again – until Kevin ended the relationship, that is. Party pooper.

This Is Us Cast Sophie

Image Source/ YouTube

Alexandra Breckenridge & Husband Casey Hooper

Alexandra married guitarist Casey back in 2015. He currently is on tour with Katy Perry!

The couple have two adorable children – a son and a daughter.

This Is Us Cast Alexandra

Image Source/ Just Jared

Madison (Caitlin Thompson)

Remember the skinny blonde girl who looked a bit suspicious arriving at a group of people struggling with their weight in Season 1? Yep, that’s Madison.

She’s returned in latest seasons to become Kate’s new – and strange – BFF.

She also rushes to Kate’s side when Kate prematurely gives birth to her son, Jack.

This Is Us Cast Madison

Image Source/ Today

Caitlin Thompson & Husband Dan Fogelman

You may recognise the name of Caitlin’s husband – and that’s because he’s actually the writer and This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman.

The pair married in 2015, before the show premiered.

You might recognise Caitlin from a few of your favourite TV series/ films: Crazy, Stupid Love; 90210; Greek.


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Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas)

For a time, the show’s creators had us wondering how Rebecca came to marry Miguel.

He was the best friend of Jack – and even his boss at one point – but it wouldn’t be the first time a woman has fallen for the best friend.

However, we come to discover that it was TEN YEARS after Jack’s death that the pair got together.

This Is Us Cast Miguel

Image Source/ Country Living Magazine

Jon Huertas & Wife Nicole Bordges

In 2014, Jon married long-time girlfriend Nicole in a sunset ceremony in Mexico. Romantic AF.

They try to be as private as possible, but the couple can’t resist the occasional red carpet event (who could?)

This Is Us Cast Jon

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Dr. Nathan Katowski (Gerald McRaney)

At first, Doctor Nathan was just the guy filling in for Rebecca’s OB – but he soon became a favourite of the family (and of the viewers).

He gave advice and support when Rebecca and Jack first had their babies – remember that lemon quote? Inspired!

This Is Us Cast Nathan

Image Source/ Prosieben

Gerald McRaney & Wife Delta Burke

Before marrying Delta in 1989, Gerald had been married twice already! Third time’s a charm, no?

They met when she was guest starring on his show, Simon & Simon.

Delta Burke is also an actor, and she starred in the 90’s sitcom Designing Women. 

This Is Us Cast Gerald

Image Source/ The Epoch Times

Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley)

Kevin is the handsome bachelor, bored with his successful life (first world problems, eh?). In the flashbacks, Kevin is played by Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Milo Ventimiglia actually thought about auditioning for the role of Kevin! Do you think he would have made a good member of the ‘Big Three’?

He is one of Rebecca and Jack’s children, the brother of Kate and Randall.

We rooted for his relationship with his sweetheart Sophie, but he decided that wasn’t such a good idea. Spoil sport!

This Is Us Cast Kevin

Image Source/ US Weekly

Justin Hartley & Wife Chrishell Stause

Before marrying Chrishell, Justin married his former Passions co-star Lindsay Korman. The pair had a daughter together but divorced in 2012.

Many of Justin’s This Is Us co-stars attended his wedding to Chrishell back in 2017.

She is also an actress, known for Days of Our Lives and All My Children. 

Janet Malone (Elizabeth Perkins)

Janet is Rebecca’s controlling mother, shown through a series of flashbacks.

Luckily, Rebecca didn’t adopt her mother’s techniques in the parenting department.

This Is Us Cast Janet

Image Source/ Inquisitr

Elizabeth Perkins & Husband Julio Macat

Before her marriage to Julio, Elizabeth was married to Terry Kinney from 1984-1988.

She has a daughter, Hannah, with Maurice Phillips – a television director.

Elizabeth and Julio have been happily married since 2000. She gained three stepsons: Maximillian, Alexander and Andreas.

Julio is a successful Argentinian cinematographer, and has worked on some of the biggies, such as the Home Alone movies and Pitch Perfect.


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Griffin Dunne (Nicky Pearson)

Did the producers of this show want to give us a heart attack?!

We were all under the pretence that Nicky had died in the Vietnam war, however, they dropped the ULTIMATE BOMB SHELL that he was alive and well!

This Is Us Cast Nicky

Image Source/ Entertainment Tonight

From 1989-1995, Griffin was married to Carey Lowell with whom he had a daughter, Hannah. All of them are in the acting industry.

In 2009, he married Anna Bingemann who is a stylist from Australia.

This Is Us Cast Griffin

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Now for a look at the single cast members…

Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson)

Chrissy has gone from strength to strength after gaining the role of Kate (who is portrayed by Mackenzie Hancsicsak and Hannah Zeile in flashbacks).

When discussing the role of Kate, Chrissy said to the Hollywood Reporter:

‘Here was this woman who was actually dealing with weight. Not like, ‘Oh my God, I gained a pound.’ She was a real woman who was really struggling, and all I could think was, ‘Oh my God, I’m Kate’.’

This Is Us Cast Kate

Image Source/ Glamour

This series regular was married to Martyn Eaden – a journalist from Britain. However, the couple separated in 2013 after five years of marriage; their divorce was finalised in 2015.

Since then, she has yet to announce if she has new love life news…

Chrissy actually sings! She is part of the band, ‘Chrissy and The Vapors’ and has sung live on the show!


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Logan Shroyer (Young Kevin Pearson)

Logan portrays Kevin between the ages of 14-17 even though he is 20 in real life!

This Is Us Cast Young Kevin

Image Source/ Inquisitr

Logan was rumoured to be dating Disney star Ryan Whitney Newman, but nothing has been confirmed.

Apart from This Is Us, Logan has also starred in Camp Cool Kids and Speech & Debate.


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Melanie Liburd (Zoe Baker)

Zoe has been through her fair share of rough times – we just want to give her a big hug!

She was introduced to the show as Beth’s cousin.

Fingers crossed for her and Kevin’s relationship.

This Is Us Cast Zoe

Image Source/ Parade

Melanie is British and little is known about her dating history.

She has been in an episode of Game Of Thrones as a red priestess, Netflix’s Gypsy and also Dark Matter.

Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth Pearson)

Beth is the wife of Randall and the mother of their three girls: Tess, Annie and Deja – played by Faithe Herman Lyric Ross and Eris Baker.

Beth has a bit of a whirlwind journey in the show; we see her lose her job, have a confrontational conversation with her mother and realise that she has to get back to her childhood dream of becoming a dancer.

This Is Us Cast Beth

Image Source/ Refinery29

Little is known about Susan’s love life, her social media profiles don’t give us any clues, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is single.

You may recognise Susan from Louie and Third Watch. She is set to star in the upcoming Fred Rogers biopic, A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood alongside Tom Hanks.

Hannah Zeile (Young Kate Pearson)

Young Kate has it ROUGH!

We learn that she is (sort of) the reason as to how her dad passed away – he ran into the burning house to save her dog. The ultimate sacrifice, am I right?

It is this incident that spirals Kate’s emotional, comfort eating out of control.

This Is Us Cast Young Kate

Image Source/ TV Insider

Twenty-one year old Hannah has kept her love life a secret from the world.

What’s weird is that Chrissy used to be Hannah’s agent when she was younger! Hannah then took a four year break from acting and her first role back was This Is Us.


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Ron Cephas Jones (William Hill)

William is the biological father of Randall.

It is William who convinces Rebecca not to name him Kyle, as she was going to name her third triplet, so that both children can have their own identity.

Randall is ultimately named after one of William’s favourite poets.

This Is Us Cast William

Image Source/ Elite Daily

Ron was with Kim Lesley, a British jazz singer. Together they have one daughter, Jasmine, who is also an actress and singer. The pair were never married and have now separated.

You may also recognise Ron from Luke Cage, Mr Robot and the movie, Venom.


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