By Nick

14th February 2019

In the UK, there are tons of jobs that are very hard. Whether the pay is low, it’s highly dangerous or it’s very stressful, many of these jobs are absolutely necessary for our economy and even safety. Someone has to do them regardless of the stress or hazard and in many cases, people are actually forced to do them to put food on the table.

Day by day, people continue to do the hard jobs that need doing. Read on to read more about some of them.

40. Hair Dresser

On the surface, being a hair dresser doesn’t seem too hard but hairdressers have to struggle against massive competition for work, they need to work long hours and even then they’re paid very little.

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Average pay: £10,019 a year.

39. Musician

Seeking out a career as a musician has to be one of the most risky things you can do since the chances of success are very low.

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Even if you do manage to make a living out of it, the pay probably won’t be a lot.

38. Bus Driver

Bus drivers can have quite a difficult job dealing with trouble on the bus throughout the day and people who seem to look right through you.

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It’s quite a lonely job as you sit on your own everyday having to also put up with bad drivers. The pay isn’t great either.

37. Journalist

Journalism not only pays increasingly little nowadays, it also doesn’t make you very popular as people naturally become suspicious of your intentions wherever you go.

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Also, your job is constantly under threat as newspapers struggle in the wake of the rise of the internet.

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