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14th February 2019

In the UK, there are tons of jobs that are very hard. Whether the pay is low, it’s highly dangerous or it’s very stressful, many of these jobs are absolutely necessary for our economy and even safety. Someone has to do them regardless of the stress or hazard and in many cases, people are actually forced to do them to put food on the table.

Day by day, people continue to do the hard jobs that need doing. Read on to read more about some of them.

40. Hair Dresser

On the surface, being a hair dresser doesn’t seem too hard but hairdressers have to struggle against massive competition for work, they need to work long hours and even then they’re paid very little.

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Average pay: £10,019 a year.

39. Musician

Seeking out a career as a musician has to be one of the most risky things you can do since the chances of success are very low.

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Even if you do manage to make a living out of it, the pay probably won’t be a lot.

38. Bus Driver

Bus drivers can have quite a difficult job dealing with trouble on the bus throughout the day and people who seem to look right through you.

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It’s quite a lonely job as you sit on your own everyday having to also put up with bad drivers. The pay isn’t great either.

37. Journalist

Journalism not only pays increasingly little nowadays, it also doesn’t make you very popular as people naturally become suspicious of your intentions wherever you go.

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Also, your job is constantly under threat as newspapers struggle in the wake of the rise of the internet.

36. Butcher

Butchers have to work all day to prepare fresh cuts of meat and keep them fresh.

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It takes a lot of effort to provide good quality meat but it’s hard keeping your shop open as supermarkets dominate.

35. Baker

Being a top class baker takes a lot of time and practice.

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For all that, as with butchers, you will probably struggle to survive in your bakery as supermarkets suck up all the custom.

34. Postal Worker

Delivering the post every day is quite tiring as you’re on your feet all day and are expected to go as fast as possible.

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It can also be quite monotonous as you have to do the round alone.

33. Retail Assistant

Working as a retail assistant in a store is quite a boring job as you do the same thing day by day without much thought.

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The main thing that makes this hard though is the paltry pay of £10,296 a year on average.

32. Salesperson

Working as a salesperson can be tough mentally. You will encounter annoyed and angry people everyday that don’t want their time wasted and it must be easy to become extremely dissatisfied with your work.

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This is especially the case when your pay is by commission.

31. Receptionist

Being a receptionist doesn’t sound too tough but if you’re working as a receptionist, you’re at the lowest point in your career.

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You’re given the most mundane jobs to do, you’ll probably receive very little respect and the average pay is £12,543 a year.

30. Personal Assistant

Working as a PA can be the worst, you’re job is basically to run around after someone and do as they tell you.

It can get pretty stressful and in some cases, you may be treated horribly by your boss and for not much pay.

29. Chef

Working as a chef can be great if you make it cooking delightful meals in a top restaurant. Most chefs though, end up short of this dream and are worked hard for little pay.

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Chefs manage to make on average £17,513 a year.

28. Fish Monger

Like butchers and bakers, fish mongers struggle for business because of the dominance of supermarkets. It seems to be worse for fish mongers though as their pay is on average £14,299 a year.

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They also have to live with the disgusting smell of fish every day.

27. Undertaker

I personally really don’t like the sound of working as an undertaker. It’s enough for me to know that they dress the dead to know that I wouldn’t want to do it.

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It must be hard having to deal with grieving people every day too.

26. Gardener

Gardening is obviously a physically intensive job and because there’s always a lot of competition!

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Pay is normally very low.

25. Care worker

Being a care worker doesn’t seem too bad until you realise that it can be very tiring and stressful. They are constantly on their feet helping people and rarely get a second to rest as they need to stay alert for any possible incidents.

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Plus, they are only paid on average £12,650 a year.

24. Waste Collection

Collecting waste comes with a certain stigma attached to it.

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No one wants to grow up to be a bin man but it’s a necessary job that’s also quite tiring as they need walk around all day while putting up with the smell.

23. Call Centre

Working in a call centre is notorious for being depressing. They’re stuck in a cubicle alone and pay is usually results based.

Average pay for call centre workers is £15,206 a year.

22. Waitress

As many of us probably know, being a waitress can be very taxing with having to deal with whatever customers may do or say and all for very little money.

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It is in fact the lowest paying job in the country at £7,404 a year on average with many depending on generous customers giving tips.

21. Carpenter

Like many of the other skilled jobs such as baking for example, it can be tough to sell your hard earned skills when a huge store like IKEA is around the corner.

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Woodwork is also quite demanding and can be dangerous if you let your concentration slip.

20. Nurse

Nurse work is very demanding. Hours are usually very long and even when not there they’re probably on call so could be called in at any moment.

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Stress is added on top of that from seeing so many people in need every day.

19. Labourer

Being a labourer is a very intense, physically demanding job.

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They’re bossed around until they go home exhausted every day.

18. Cleaner

Cleaning is quite a labour intensive job as you’re constantly moving things about and scrubbing away.

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Depending on where you work, the pressure can build too as you are sometimes paid by number of rooms cleaned for example. The pay is tiny at £7,554 a year on average.

17. Iron-working

Working metals requires a lot of stamina and strength and can get very intense with the heat.

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It’s also very dangerous as one mistake is all it takes for a bad accident to happen.

16. Teacher

Being a teacher can be a horrible job with little job satisfaction. Depending what school you’re in and what age group, it can be exhausting trying to keep the children under control never mind actually teaching them something.

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The pay isn’t very high for the stress involved either.

15. Doctor

As a doctor you’re responsible for the lives of those patients that come to you. This responsibility can be very hard to handle as one mistake can be catastrophic for someones life.

It’s also tough staying on top of the needed medical knowledge and using it properly.

14. Joiners & Painters

These jobs are actually among the most dangerous in the country as many deaths are caused each year mostly by falling.

28 joiners and painters died last year.

13. Lorry Driver

Lorry driving is not only tiring mentally as you have to focus constantly on the road, it’s very monotonous and is quite dangerous.

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Deaths from lorry crashes totalled just over 40 last year.

12. Electricians & Plumbers

These are two jobs that require a certain level and consistency to be successful and are among the most dangerous with 26 deaths last year.

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42 electricians and plumbers died last year.

11. Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

This profession is surprisingly dangerous with 26 deaths last year.

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Not only that, it takes great skill to work with vehicles and can be tough competing with all the others out there.

10. Soldier

Being a soldier is obviously very dangerous since they’re always going to be the front line in our defence. Even before then, the training process is very tough.

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This isn’t higher on the list as being a soldier hasn’t been too dangerous in recent years with a low casualty rate for the UK.

9. Manufacturing

Working in food, metal, rubber, plastic, furniture and machinery manufacturing requires intense concentration to avoid accidents.

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This job has resulted in 111 deaths over the last 5 years.

8. Civil Engineering

Collapsed excavations, crashed vehicles, out of control electricity wires are some examples of what civil engineers have to deal with every day.

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20 civil engineers died last year.

7. Police Officer

Working in the police is obviously very tough and stressful as you know people are depending on you and it often goes without much gratitude. Every day there’s a range of things you could be doing from chasing down criminals to fighting thugs with the risk of being seriously injured.

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It’s hard to relax even off duty as you’re probably on call and are known as being part of the police force.

6. Roofing and Scaffolding

Another job that’s very physically intensive and dangerous. These guys spend all day on roofs so it’s no surprise that so many accidents and deaths occur.

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69 roofers and scaffolders died last year.

5. Oil Rig Worker

Oil rig workers work 12 hours a day dealing with highly combustible materials on a platform where cranes swing heavy equipment constantly overhead. It’s very dangerous with an average of 108 deaths a year.

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They rarely see family while they work either since they live off land and conditions are usually pretty bad with constant freezing rain beating down on them.

4. Miner

Working as a miner has a bad reputation and rightly so in my opinion. Who would enjoy working the long hours and physically demanding job with little sight of the sun that a miner does?

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Although it’s safer nowadays, there’s always the risk of explosions and tunnel collapse.

3. Construction

Construction as a whole is very physically demanding and takes a lot of skill. Mainly though, it’s tough because of how dangerous it is with the risk of falling from height and falling objects.

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Deaths reached 196 last year.

2. Firefighter

Being a firefighter is both physically and mentally demanding and they often end each day exhausted.

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They are often running towards the danger and putting their lives on the line to try to save people.

1. Farmer

Finally, farming is the number one hardest job because it’s demanding in every way. Farmers work a physically demanding job from sunrise to sunset for very little money. It’s also very dangerous as a result of operating heavy machinery (logging), working from heights and being around potentially dangerous animals.

This profession resulted in 152 deaths last year.

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