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7th May 2019

Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) Career Timeline

With the news that Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster) may return to the soap once again, we’re taking a look back at her tumultuous time on the cobbles…

helen flanagan

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Her Arrival on Coronation Street – 1990

Rosie was born on Christmas Eve in 1990 to her parents Kevin and Sally Webster. In true Rosie Webster style, her entrance to the show was in suitably dramatic fashion.

After Sally went into labour on her own at home, taxi driver Don Brennan ended up driving her to the hospital. But Sal ended up giving birth to Rosie in the back seat of the taxi.

Rosie and sally webster

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In the characters early days, Rosie was played by young actress Emma Collinge, before Helen took over the Corrie role in 2000.

Rosie’s First Love – 2005

After an affair with the father of one of her friends, Rosie went through a rebellious phase and – like all teenagers do at one stage in their lives – became a goth.

Her goth phase appeared to attract fellow goth and first boyfriend Craig Harris, whom she lost her virginity to. Sadly, the romance ended after Craig asked Rosie to elope to Berlin with him.

Rosie Webster and boyfriend Craig

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Rosie’s Affair With John Stape – 2007

At the young age of 16, Rosie began an affair with her English teacher John Stape, but he also dating Fiz Brown at the same time… A rightly suspicious Fiz wrongly believed he was sleeping with Sally – Rosie’s mum.

In an explosive Christmas Day episode, Rosie accidentally revealed the affair to her family after John mixed up her and Fiz’s presents.

Rosie Webster and John Stape

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John Kidnapped Rosie – 2008

After Rosie and John’s affair was made public, John was fired from his job as a teacher.

In John’s rage, he blamed Rosie for ruining his life, kidnapping her and holding her hostage as his grandmother’s house – who had recently passed away – for a long five weeks.

Thankfully, Rosie escaped after Fiz accidentally found her and John was sent to prison.

Coronation Street's Helen Flanagan kidnapped

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She Tried To Make It As A Glamour Model – 2010

Rosie shocked everyone (particularly her parents) by taking up modelling. She revealed that she’d set her sights on becoming a full time glamour model.

The aspiring model became inspired by reading celeb mags each week and revealed that she wanted to look like Katie Price…

Subsequently, she left him behind and started a new life.

She Returned To The Cobbles – 2017

After a five year break from the ITV soap and maternity leave, Helen Flanagan returned to the street as Rosie Webster. Initially she only signed up for a three month stint but her contract was extended until the end of the year.

Will She Make A Cobbles Comeback Again?

After leaving the show for a second time, Helen was asked by Lorraine Kelly whether she would return to the cobbles once again:

She said:

“I miss Coronation Street so much and I’m definitely going to go back.

“But it’s just working it around my days. My daughter Matilda Jessica is at that age when she’s four and she needs to be taken to all of her lessons and what have you.

Image Source/The Mirror

“And obviously me and my partner Scott Sinclair living in Scotland, it’s a four-hour drive and my second daughter Delilah Ruby is nearly one.

“But I love it so much.”

“I really miss Sally [Dynevor] so much, I miss Brooke [Vincent] and she’s having a baby now. When she found out she was pregnant she rang me.”

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