By Emma Moylan

29th May 2019

Frankie S Club Juniors: What’s She Been Up To Since?

It was the band that gave us an ‘Automatic High’ but where is Frankie from S Club Juniors these days?

The year is 2002 and you find out that an S Club 7 spin-off group is forming and looking for members. Sign. Me. Up.

The S Club search was on and it was the television show to end all television shows.

But once the disappointment of realising you were tone deaf and your version of dancing relied solely on your light-up dance mat, we actually started to LOVE their absolute bangers.

‘Once Step Closer’, ‘Automatic High’, ‘Puppy Love’ – It’s impossible to hear one of these without getting deeply nostalgic about your 12th birthday party, thinking about the boy you used to crush on and craving a party ring. Oh my, those were the days.

Frankie Sandford (now Frankie Bridge), Jay Asforis (Jay Perry), Daisy Evans, Calvin Goldspink, Stacey McClean, Aaron Renfree, Hannah Richings, and Rochelle Wiseman (now Humes) were the absolute superstars tweens (that we were all insanely jealous of) but as with anything, time passes and moves on… and so do our favourite pop sensations.

Frankie S Club Juniors - Where is she now?


Frankie was pretty much the leader, the shining star of the group – unless you were a solid Calvin fan – so nowadays, we can’t help but wonder what on earth happened to our fresh-faced Frankie.

Naturally, she hasn’t completely left the spotlight, in fact, she’s been up to some pretty interesting things…

Frankie Joins S Club Juniors (2001)

Source/Heat Magazine

Frankie Then Joins The Saturdays (2007)

In 2007, Frankie furthered her music career by auditioning and being welcomed into the pop girl band The Saturdays, the girls who filled a serious void in the girl band realm of music – left indubitably by the tragic break-up of the Spice Girls *sob*. 

Along with her S Club Junior co-member Rochelle Humes, they made up two fifths of the band, the remaining places being filled by Una Healy, Mollie King and Vanessa White.

As soon as the members had been found, the girls went on tour with the one and only Girls Aloud (yet another throwback) and had several top ten hits.


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Full house! #5inaselfieishard

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But nothing lasts forever and the group seen have been on hiatus since 2014 – since their smash hit “What About Us’ with Sean Paul. Frankie, however, still continued rising to fame.

Frankie Competes On Strictly Come Dancing (2014)

*cue the Strictly theme tune*

In 2014, Frankie was signed up to Strictly Come Dancing and partnered with Mr Kevin Clifton. The pair danced their way straight to the final where they were inched out by Louis Smith.

Frankie did manage to top the leaderboard four times, always placing in the top four.

Her best score was for a Paso Doble in week 3 to the song America from West Side Story.

Frankie S CLub Juniors Taking The Dance Floor By Storm On Strictly Come Dancing


Frankie said about her partner Kevin:

“He puts on an amazing show and he’s such a great partner. He makes every partner look amazing. He just gets it.”

Frankie Met Future Husband Wayne Bridge (2010)

Frankie married footballer Wayne Bridge back in July 2014 at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire.

The singer called the day a ‘roller coaster’ and said she was ‘in tears’ as she walked down the aisle.

It was actually James Corden who played cupid to the couple as on a night out, he put their numbers in each other’s phone and the rest is history.


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What an amazing day 😍

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The Proposal And Marriage (2014)

Frankie had insisted on a weekend away in the countryside to escape and walk their dogs.

Naturally, they ended up in the middle of the city – and without the dogs…

Frankie was actually pregnant at the time and her already poor mood was made worse by the fact that her dress refused to zip up and her shoes wouldn’t fit on her feet.


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Spa day 💤💤🍸🍾

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But Wayne didn’t let that scare him out of his decision and he popped the question then and there.

Then they ended up getting a McDonalds. Could it have been any more perfect?!

Frankie On Motherhood (2015)

The two together have sons Parker and Carter. They married nine months after they welcomed their first child, Parker. Just over a year after they tied the knot, they welcomed son, Carter in August 2015.

Talking about her experience with motherhood, Frankie revealed the most important thing she has learned from the experience:

“Just to stress less”


She said:

“It sounds stupid because you would have thought it goes the opposite way, but I’ve always been such an anxious person, I overthink everything. I’m always worrying about everyone and everything and actually, it’s gone the opposite way since I’ve had children.”


Frankie wasn’t the only one to appear on reality TV as husband Wayne Bridge appeared in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Whilst Frankie has admitted that her husband has encouraged her to take place in the show, the pop star isn’t quite sure that she’s ready to push herself quite that far.


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And hugged this guy… Trip made!❤️

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She explained:

“I’d be scared of the spiders, I hate when they jump as well that would really freak me out. And all the eating stuff I wouldn’t be very good at.”

Frankie On Mental Health (2019)

Earlier this year, Frankie appeared on the tv show Lorraine, opening up about her anxiety and depression and encouraging people to talk candidly about the issue.

She explains the negativity of social media as a place where people post a fake version of the truth but also the positivity of a place where you can share the hard times and gain support from others.


She might have gone above and beyond her ‘Automatic High’ days but in our minds she’s still our favourite member of S Club Juniors.

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