Calvin From S Club Juniors: What Has He Been Up To Since?

By Emma Moylan

31st May 2019

Calvin S Club Juniors: What Has He Been Up To Since?

We had such ‘Puppy Love’ for the singing sensation but where is Calvin from S Club Juniors nowadays?

You’re in your bedroom singing ‘Automatic high’ into your hair brush and wondering why on earth you were rejected from the search for the S Club Juniors… (it was probably for the best). What a time to be alive.

The noughties was an absolute haven for pop music: Spice Girls, Busted, McFly and Atomic Kitten were topping the charts and school discos were the hottest ticket in town to listen to them. Those were the days…

Then came along the search for the S Club Juniors and suddenly we had a new favourite band.

‘Once Step Closer’, ‘Automatic High’, ‘Puppy Love’ – It’s impossible to hear one of these bangers without getting deeply nostalgic about singing into a hairbrush with your best mate before putting Disney Channel on.

Calvin S Club Juniors Now


Calvin Goldspink, Frankie Sandford (now Frankie Bridge), Jay Asforis (Jay Perry), Daisy Evans, Stacey McClean, Aaron Renfree, Hannah Richings, and Rochelle Humes were the chosen ones to follow in the steps of S Club, but as with anything, time moves on… and so do our favourite pop sensations.

Calvin was the member of S Club Juniors we fancied the most as we all wanted to get ‘One Step Closer’ to him but what’s happened to him since the days of being a teen superstar? He’s moved from city to city to do what he loves…

Calvin S Club Juniors


Frankie and Calvin Break Out On Their Own

Although Calvin was our fave, Frankie was definitely the leader of the group, so these two together were the ultimate power duo. They broke off from the group to have a slightly separate career…

Together, they had the song “Dreaming” which became the opening for the musical tv comedy iDream on CBBC.

Set near Barcelona in an esteemed performing arts college, the teens spent their summer at Avalon Heights.

Frankie and Calvin, Dreaming Cover


Then He Moved To LA To Become An Actor

In 2008, Calvin made the big decision to move across the pond to Los Angeles when he was just 18 years old!

Taking a break from acting, Calvin decided to further his acting career and started acting in several TV shows.

He ended up in South Africa filming Life Is Wild, (the American version of Wild At Heart).

Whilst it would be a dream come true for many, acting just wasn’t the right career choice for the pop star.


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Just finished #filming in front of the #HollywoodSign an #acoustic song for @showcaseliveuk #instagood #igdaily #LA

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He explained:

“Acting paid the rent but I never enjoyed it to the same level as music and I hate learning lines. It’s not as glamorous as everyone thinks – an all day shoot from 4am til 8pm, a new script delivered at 11pm to learn and back on set for 5.30am.”

In 2011, Calvin moved on to play James Middleton in the TV movie William and Kate.

The show followed the story of Prince Middleton and Kate Middleton at university, their love story and how their relationship became strained under the media gaze.


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New pic from shoot. #igdaily #instagood

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He Made A Return To Music…

It’s safe to say that Calvin left his acting career firmly behind and luckily – for us all – he made a return to the music biz.

In 2014, he released an EP in iTunes called The Lemon Tree. (It’s also now available on Spotify).

The singer said:

“Ed Sheeran released five EPs before his first album so it’s good to put material out on iTunes. Before I left LA, I played at the Viper Room and I’ve performed at Ronnie Scotts in London too.

I like doing cool venues and need to showcase my music to a different audience.”


Featuring five songs – with a totally different vibe from the S Club Juniors – Calvin explained how his escape from being a ‘pop puppet’ gave him the freedom to have his own creative input into his songs.

He divulged:

“I didn’t want to continue like that. I learnt so much from S Club Juniors it’s good to be free now.”


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Relationship Status?

In 2014, Calvin was in a relationship with an American girl he met during his period spent in LA.

After being together for a year, they planned to move in together in the UK but visa issues kept them apart.

Calvin explained:

“She’s came for six months and left so now she can’t get back in the country!”


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Could There Be An S Club Reunion?

Obviously it’s the question that we all want to know… does he still hang out with his S Club teen mates?

Well, sadly the answer is no. Well, our hopes of a reunion are well and truly shattered…

Him and Frankie Bridge (now married to footballer Wayne Bridge) keep in contact as their mums are close friends. They even meet for a catch up a few times a year.


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Completed our yearly meet up today. Next scheduled meet is 01/7/19 @francescabridge 😉🙁

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He explained:

“When The Saturdays are in LA I’d have dinner with her and Rochelle [Humes]. Aaron [Renfree] came back to LA and we bumped into each other a few times.

“I supported the Saturdays in Birmingham on their arena tour earlier this year which was fun. Their manager used to be S Club Juniors’ head of A&R so he invited me to support.”

Could there be hope of an S Club Junior reunion yet?


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