By Juliet Smith

1st April 2019

He’s sassy, he’s savage and he’s particularly talented with a liquid eyeliner – of course, we’re talking about makeup mogul Jeffree Star.

As well as his ridiculously boujee lifestyle, the unapologetically flash icon is notorious for a history of controversial comments, (very public) feuding with the likes of the Kardashian clan (not forgetting that infamous clash with Kat Von D) and destroying designer handbags for his viewers to watch…

Yep, with his androgynous fashion choices, his outlandish makeup looks and more cash than you could ever imagine, in a world of unrelatable YouTube stars, Jeffree star is about as unrelatable as it gets.

The larger than life 32-year-old might be all over your Instagram feed, but there’s SO much more you need to know…

19) His Teeth Are Made From Zirconia CRYSTALS

Born with what he describes as ‘shitty‘ teeth, Star believes he takes after his mum who has ‘one of the worst dental cases in the ’80s‘…

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So, like any normal person would… Star got every single tooth in his mouth shaved into points and had customised crystal crowns inserted over them. Pretty regular, right?

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