From Jeffree Star's Teeth To His BF: Things You Didn't Know

By Juliet Smith

1st April 2019

Jeffree Star’s Teeth To His BF: Things You Didn’t Know

From Jeffree Star’s teeth surgery to his two assistants to his very first single, we bet you didn’t know these things…

He’s sassy, he’s savage and he’s particularly talented with a liquid eyeliner – of course, we’re talking about makeup mogul Jeffree Star.

As well as his ridiculously boujee lifestyle, the unapologetically flash icon is notorious for a history of controversial comments, (very public) feuding with the likes of the Kardashian clan (not forgetting that infamous clash with Kat Von D) and destroying designer handbags for his viewers to watch…

Yep, with his androgynous fashion choices, his outlandish makeup looks and more cash than you could ever imagine, in a world of unrelatable YouTube stars, Jeffree star is about as unrelatable as it gets.

The larger than life 32-year-old might be all over your Instagram feed, but there’s SO much more you need to know…


9) Jeffree Star’s Teeth Are Made From Zirconia CRYSTALS

Born with what he describes as ‘s****y‘ teeth, Star believes he takes after his mum who has ‘one of the worst dental cases in the ’80s‘…

jeffree star teeth with pink hair posing for the camera

Image Source/Miss Bipolar Blog

Spot The Difference: BEFORE Jeffree Star’s Teeth Surgery

Before Jeffree Star’s teeth surgery he looked dramatically different- it;s crazy what a set of gnashers can do.

jeffree star with his old teeth

Image Source/ Youtube 

So, like any normal person would… Star got every single tooth in his mouth shaved into points and had customised crystal crowns inserted over them. Pretty regular, right?

8) He Doesn’t Sweat…

Come on – everyone sweats, don’t they?

jeffree star looking sick

Image Source/Instagram

Not our Jeffers…

Listen up – when we say Jeffree Star doesn’t sweat, we mean he really doesn’t. Remember that time he was filmed in the gym wearing a grey t-shirt with absolutely no evidence of sweat patches? There’s the proof…

7) He Released His First Single In 2007

Titled Plastic Surgery Slumber Party, Jeffree’s first single was released in the same year that he made friends with Samantha Maloney, the Peaches‘ drummer.

jeffree star in a band

Image Source/Revelist

Helped by his popular Myspace account, Jeffree garnered over 100 million views on his debut single.


6) He Has TWO Assistants

Living such a luxurious lifestyle can’t be easy (Jeffree spent $59000 on a Louis Vuitton trunk for goodness sake)…

jeffree star holding makeup in his mouth

Image Source/Youtube

So, Jeffree has Madison and Brittany – two assistants – to help him ‘run his life’.

5) He Has A Pink Coffin Next To His Bed…

Probably not helping those vampire rumours…

jeffree stars instagram showing a pink coffin

Image Source/Twitter

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any more extra…

4) He’s NEVER Tried Alcohol

Although he reveals that people don’t believe him, the influencer and MUA is adamant that he’s never had a tipple before.

jeffree drinking from a straw

Image Source/Pinterest

“I’ve never tried alcohol before which people don’t believe, I’ve never sipped a beer, never tried wine.

We have to be honest and say we’re in that majority. I mean, that looks a lot like a cocktail to me?

3) He’s ONLY Ever Smoked Weed

When it comes to his other pass times, he’s much more of an open book:

“I’ve just smoked weed.”

If you’re a follower of Jeffree, you’ll be aware of the soft spot he has for the drug- he’s even been known to light one up in videos. So much so, he’s released his own ‘accessories’…

jeffree star grinders

Image Source/ Revelist

He went on to admit:

 “I’ve never tried coke, ecstasy, nothing”.

We’ll have to just take your word for it then, won’t we Jeffrey…

2) He Has A Closet Dedicated JUST To Old Gucci Bags

The makeup mogul has a closet where ‘Gucci goes to die‘… yup, that’s code for where he puts last season’s designer handbags.

jeffre star bags

Image Source/Twitter

“This is a lot of Gucci that came out last year. Usually I’ll wear it once for a tutorial and then I’ll just put it in here”.

How… respectful.

1) Star And His Boyfriend Have Threesomes When They’re Abroad

Although it’s not an open relationship, Star and his long-term boyfriend are open about having threesomes when they’re abroad.

jeffree star and his boyfriend kissing next to the eiffel tower

Image Source/Cosmopolitan

“Never in our own bed. Only in other parts of the world when we’re travelling, so we don’t have to see them ever again.” But they do admit that it’s not quite all fun and games, “the sad part about social media and the Internet is that some people like to hold onto DMs, or videos, or things like that and then use them against us later.”

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