By Rebecca Crowe

11th February 2019

The Matilda Cast: This Is What They Are Doing Now!

We’re taking a walk down memory lane and taking a look at what the iconic Matilda cast are doing these days…

Is there a better film that sums up your entire childhood? Answer: nope, not at all.

Matilda – Roald Dahl’s story of an intelligent bookworm, who is unappreciated and misunderstood by her family, and finds out she has magical powers and uses them for good against an evil headmistress is (yep I’m putting it out there) possibly one of the best films of all time.

Mrs Wormwood (Rhea Perlman) – THEN

I’d love to say something nice about the character of Mrs Wormwood, but jeez she’s just the worst. If she spent one second of the time that she spent either twirling her permanently permed hair, on Matilda, she would be 100% a better human being.

But, as it stands, the extremely ditsy Mrs Wormwood even invites the FBI agents after her husband into her house for a chat, She thinks that they were speedboat salesmen – even though they’re miles from the coast.

mrs wormwood

Image Source/Awards Circuit

Fortunately, in real like Rhea Perlman is an amazing, hilarious lady and still going strong in the acting game (which is one of the hardest jobs ever), featuring as Danny’s outspoken mum, Annette Castellano, in The Mindy Project. Oh yeah, and still married to Danny DeVito…

Rhea Perlman (Mrs Wormwood) – NOW

rhea perlman

Image Source/NY Post

Michael Wormwood (Brian Levinson) – THEN

Ah yes, the sloth-like, seemingly brain-dead brother. He just wants to sit around all day and watch TV (to be fair to him, that sounds a lot like me). He says so little, it’s hard to remember what his voice even sounds like.

Since Matilda, Brian Levinson’s only acting credit was one episode in Seinfeld before dropping out of the public eye for good. Lucky for us though, he did make an appearance at the Matilda reunion back in 2013.

michael wormwood

Image Source/DailyMail

Brian Levinson (Michael Wormwood) – NOW

Brian Levinson

Image Source/DailyMail

Miss Honey (Embeth Davidtz) – THEN

Okay, so I know that her name was given for the precise reason that she’s sweet but still! After having a traumatising upbringing that would have lead anyone else down an explosive path of destruction, she actually continues to work for her tormenting Aunt Trunchbull, and goes out of her way to help the exceptional Matilda. She was like a less excitable Miss Hoolie

miss honey

Image Source/Syfy

Not only that, but when everything gets turned upside down, she goes one step forward and actually adopts Matilda! What an absolute hero.

Back in reality, Embeth has been in just about everything from Mad Men to Californication to playing the new girlfriend of Colin Firth in Bridget Jones (possibly her least popular role ever – just in my very humble opinion)…

Embeth Davidtz (Miss Honey) – NOW

Embeth Davidtz

Image Source/Pinterest

Miss Trunchbull (Pam Ferris) – THEN

With a top knot that would strike a deep fear into the strongest of us, Miss Trunchbull from the Matilda cast made it clear she was not there to play around.

A multi-disciplined ex-Olympian, specialising in throwing events, she could most commonly be spotted by knee high socks and crew sweatshirts – occasionally with a snazzy lifting belt. However, it was her torturous creation, The Chokey, that really scared children worldwide, to this day.

miss trunchbull

Image Source/Pinterest

I mean who doesn’t love being stuffed in a cupboard, where if you breathe too heavy you may be impaled by a rusty nail? Tetanus shot at the ready.

In real life, Pam Ferris is an acting legend in the UK, starring in multiple TV shows and, most recently, as another headmistress (although much more suited to the job this time) in the Nativity films.

Pam Ferris (Miss Trunchbull) – NOW

pam ferris

Image Source/IMDB

Lavender (Kiami Davael) – THEN

Oh sweet, lovely, sneaky Lavender – the cutest of the Matilda cast.

The first friend that our lead heroine makes at the prison that is her primary school, Lavender is savvy enough to know that she’s on to a winner being friends with Matilda.

To illustrate this fact, it was Lavender’s quick thinking to put the newt (“it’s not a snake, it’s a newt” – iconic and scientifically accurate) in Trunchbull’s water glass when she came to teach. And she didn’t even get caught – hero.

Nowadays Kiami Davael is mostly on social media, featuring with different YouTubers talking about success, but according to IMDB, she hasn’t acted since 2000.

Damn, I was hoping she was going into aquatic animal biology… there are our childhood dreams ruined.

lavender from matilda

Image Source/Unilad

Lavender (Kiami Davael) – NOW


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Amanda Thripp (Jacqueline Steiger) – THEN

Okay, let me get this out of the way first – can anyone else not say Amanda Thripp without massively rolling their ‘R’s a la Trunchbull?

No, just me?

Well, now that’s settled, we can get back to the girl who was the original cautional tale about pigtails – getting hurled like a hammer over a fence and (thanks to Matilda and gravity) safely into a dreamy meadow must do something to a person, right? (Nevertheless, we were still incredibly envious of both her blonde locks and cute little pigtails!).

Well, after successfully spelling difficulty (don’t sing it, don’t sing it), Jacqueline starred in some more one off episodes of shows as a child, but moved to producing and writing shorts as an adult.

amanda thripp from matilda cast

Image Source/We Heart It

Jacqueline Steiger (Amanda Thripp) – NOW

Jacqueline Steiger

Image Source/Youtube

Bruce Bogtrotter (Jimmy Karz) – THEN

I feel like when it comes to Brucie Bogtrotter (excellent name by the way…) there is only one thing that can be said: YOU CAN DO IT BRUCE!

Yes, confectionary critic in the making, Bruce, iconically stole some of Trunchbull’s legendary chocolate cake. As punishment, had to eat an entire, car tyre sized version of the cake in front of the whole school.

And, like a damn champ, Bruce absolutely nailed that cake to the wall – licking the plate and all. We can only aspire to that level of greatness.

However, since leaving the bright lights of Hollywood shortly after being part of the Matilda cast, Jimmy is actually training to be a doctor in LA – damn.

bruce bogtrotter from matilda cast

Image Source/Cosmopolitan

Jimmy Karz (Bruce Bogtrotter) – NOW

jimmy karz

Image Source/Mirror

Million $ Sticky Host (Jon Lovitz) – THEN

Commonly known as Mrs Wormwood’s favourite show, Million $ Sticky, is pretty much what it says on the sticky tin.

You go through the rounds answering questions and the last person standing gets covered in gunk and goes into a wind chamber (very much like the end of the Crystal Maze) and has to stick as many dollars to themselves as possible in a short amount of time – easy.

The featured host is actually a pretty famous actor, Jon Lovitz – you might not know the name, but you’d definitely know the voice from The Simpsons and Hotel Transylvania.

Million $ Sticky Host from matilda cast

Image Source/Pinterest

Jon Lovitz (Million $ Sticky Host) – NOW

Jon Lovitz

Image Source/Twitter

Mr Wormwood (Danny DeVito) – THEN

If you don’t know who Danny DeVito is, I don’t think there’s anything I can do for you – it’s terminal. That’s right, he’s not just the accidentally peroxide blonde, partially bald, hot-head that is Matilda’s horrible father.

Making a living from conning those poor unfortunate souls that step into his car shop, Mr Wormwood is the reason that Matilda ends up in Trunchbull’s school. Consequently, in her bad books. But just remember, he’s big and you’re small and there is nothing you can do about it!

Unlike in Matilda, Danny DeVito is a pretty cool guy. He stars in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and still married to Mrs Wormwood, Rhea Perlman.

harry wormwoo dfrom matilda cast

Image Source/Roald Dahl Fandom

Danny DeVito (Mr Wormwood) – NOW

danny devito

Image Source/NY Post

Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson) – THEN

The star of the Matilda cast, and many other childhood classics, such as Mrs Doubtfire and, the best Christmas film (fight me), Miracle on 34th Street, Mara Wilson is instantly recognisable to anybody who grew up in the 90s and early 00s.

Whether she was firing carrots at her neanderthal of a brother, setting up cops outside her house, or creeping out the Trunchbull with a ghostly chalkboard message, Matilda was the pint-sized peoples’ hero that we all need. And don’t get me started on those classic and timeless dungarees (I asked for them for weeks).

Nowadays, a scarily grown up Mara has taken a step back from films. Instead, she can be commonly found slaying trolls and haters on Twitter with some serious style. She set up a site called Mara Wilson Writes, where she sends out exclusive content, and also recently released her autobiography called ‘Where am I now? True stories of girlhood and accidental fame’.

matilda wormwood from matilda cast

Image Source/Trends Map

Mara Wilson (Matilda Wormwood) – NOW

mara wilson from matilda cast

Image Source/Independent

Missing Matilda? Why Not See The Musical?

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Matilda the Musical – created by Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly – was the first production of Matilda on stage.

In 2018, a cast of new performers for the award winning show was announced. These include Gina Beck playing the role of Miss Honey; Holly Dale Spencer as Mrs Wormwood; Rob Compton as Mr Wormwood; and Hayden Tee for Miss Trunchbull. Oh – not forgetting Isobel Hubble and Francesca McKeown as Matilda!

The show – which has won awards including Tony and Olivier – started in March 2019. It will continue to tour the UK and Ireland, with both Cambridge Hall and Crunchem Hall.

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