By Rebecca Crowe

11th February 2019

If there is a film that more iconically sums up your entire childhood? Answer: nope, not at all.

Matilda – the story of an intelligent bookworm, who is unappreciated and misunderstood by her family, who finds out she has magical powers and uses them for good against an evil headmistress is (yep I’m putting it out there) possibly one of the best films of all time.

Mrs Wormwood (Rhea Perlman) – THEN

I’d love to say something nice about the character of Mrs Wormwood, but jeez she’s just the worst. If she spent one second of the time that she spend either twirling her permanently permed, unnaturally blonde hair, on Matilda, she would be 100% a better human being.

But, as it stands, the extremely ditsy Mrs Wormwood even invites the FBI agents after her husband into her house for a chat, thinking that they were speedboat salesmen – even though they’re miles from the coast.

Fortunately, in real like Rhea Perlman is an amazing, hilarious lady and still going strong in the acting game, featuring as Danny’s outspoken mum, Annette Castellano, in The Mindy Project. Oh yeah, and still married to Danny DeVito…

Rhea Perlman (Mrs Wormwood) – NOW

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