Remember The Cast Of Hairspray? This Is What They Look Like Now!

By Tanny Hossain

17th February 2019

Remakes nowadays seem to be completely unnecessary and they can never match up to the originals. But Hairspray is one example that really made it work back in 2007. All of us had a Tracy Turnblad inside of us waiting to burst into song and dance but it’s been over a decade now. What are the cast up to?

Seaweed J. Stubbs (Elijah Kelley) – THEN

His infectious smile and red hot passion for dancing is what made us love Seaweed. Pair that with all his flirty moments with Penny and you’ve got the perfect couple to ship (besides Tracy and Link of course). That’s not the only reason we rooted for him though. Despite all the discrimination and racism thrown his way due to his skin colour (it was 1960s Baltimore after all), he was still the nicest guy around. Kudos to you, Seaweed!

Fast forward to the present and Elijah Kelly is still smiling ear to ear. Since Hairspray, he’s starred in a couple of TV shows and films including a BET miniseries. At the moment, he has a recurring role in a musical drama series called Star.

Elijah Kelley (Seaweed J. Stubbs) – NOW

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