By Tanny Hossain

17th February 2019

Motormouth Stubbs (Queen Latifah) – THEN

This was the woman you cheered for every time she came on screen because she exuded grace, wisdom and beauty all in one. No surprise that she was Seaweed’s mum! Motormouth was standing up for black rights all the way throughout the film and didn’t let villainess Velma get in the way of her activism. On top of all that, she had the voice of an angel to match. Do we even need to mention her performance of ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’?

What more can be said about Queen besides the fact that she lives up to her name? She’s continued to be an icon outside of Hairspray, singing at Superbowls and executive producing TV shows like Scream. She’s even spent her time officiating LGBTQ marriages! Legend.

Queen Latifah (Motormouth Stubbs) – NOW


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