Here's What The Cast Of 'Airline' Have Been Up To!

By Angie

9th February 2018

This Is What The Cast Of The Airline TV Show Are Up To Now!

We all remember watching the TV show Airline when we were younger. It seriously crushed our dreams of working for an airline crew and travelling the world

It just looked purely stressful and less than enjoyable. Despite that, we really did love some of the characters on this show! Who else fancied Leo? Guilty! 

Out of all the movies and tv shows to watch, this one forced us to question our behaviour the next time we encountered the check-in assistant at the airport… Some people can be ever so/down-right/frighteningly rude! (Never us).

So, what are the amazing people from this popular tv series up to these days?

Jane Boulton

Jane Boulton (right) originally worked for Reed Aviation before she moved across to EasyJet.

Jane Boulton (right) on TV Show Airline with colleagues

Source/Croydon Advertiser

Following the show ending back in 2007, she continued to work as the Passenger Supervisor at EasyJet.

She is currently now Mrs. Lee after getting married and she has three beautiful children – that she of course loves spending time with. However, she decided that the EasyJet life wasn’t for her anymore and has completely changed career paths!

Now, she is running the business Party Paradise UK. This is something she set up on her own where she does cakes, face painting, pamper parties and much, much more!


Katrina Leeder

Katrina was one of the check-in and ticket desk assistants – so she really had to deal with some irritating people.

Katrina Leeder on the TV Show Airline

Source/Daily Mail

Amazingly, Katrina has fought life-threatening cancer not once, but four times undergoing several operations to help save her life, sharing her story in an interview with Rylan Clarke.

Even more amazingly, she is now cancer-free and raising two beautiful daughters – Freya and Clarissa with her husband Julian – who we all remember from the special wedding episode!

She is currently flaunting her natural beauty whilst she is the ambassador for Helen E Cosmetics. This cosmetics company supports Cancer Research UK and donates 25p from every online order to the charity.

Source/This Morning

Leo Jones

We all remember this guy from the programme – he appeared in a lot of seasons of this show. We saw him move up the ladder at work because he initially started as a Passenger Services Agent in series 5.

The following series he was a supervisor at Luton airport and finally we saw him as an assistant manager from series 7 up until the final series!

Leo Jones at the check in desk on the TV Show airline


Nowadays, he no longer works for Easyjet. Instead, according to his Twitter, he LOVES going to Ibiza and spending time with his friends on holiday. Who doesn’t?

Back in 2010, he started studying at CCPE College for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education. Then, in 2012 he started a job at Les Mills as a Group Exercise Instructor.

Leo Jones From The TV Show Airline Airline Now


Captain James McBride

James McBride starred in this series from the four one up until the final series that the show brought out. He was one of the captains and we all absolutely loved this guy. I am sure that he inspired so many younger people to go out and pursue this career!

Captain James McBride Airline TV Show

Source/Flights of Passion

Did you know that before he decided that he wanted to become a pilot he was training to be a nurse! Only a slight career change…

Currently, he is now a Freelance Airline Consultant. He also brought out a book in 2014 titled The Flight-deck Survival Manual.

Captain James McBride in his Pilot's uniform


Leanne Cheung

Leanne Cheung, air hostess, on the Airline TV show


Leanne appeared in series 5 as a passenger supervisor at Liverpool airport. She had to deal with a LOT of people, making us realise how hard her job actually was and yet she dealt with the endless annoying passengers with absolute grace.

She carried on working at EasyJet for a short while after the programme finished. Now, she has settled down with a beautiful family.

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