X Factor Contestants Then And Now

By Kirsty 4 months ago

1. Sam Bailey THEN

image source: metro.co.uk

You might not even remember that Sam Bailey was the winner of one of the early seasons of the X Factor, because she wasn't a star that has stayed in the charts much! Back then, she was a prison officer turned singer and successfully sold two albums as well as enjoying a career on stage and TV.

2. Sam Bailey NOW

image source: leicestermercury.co.uk

Unfortunately, Sam Bailey hit a rocky patch when she was dropped from Simon Cowell's record label - but that hasn't stopped her. Most recently, she appeared as a judge on Amazon's Now That's Entertainment to try a career in TV rather than music.

3. Rebecca Ferguson THEN

image source: headlinermagazine.com

Rebecca Ferguson came the runner up on the 2010 series of the show, but still ended up signing a record deal and having a platinum-selling debut album. She went on to release more albums, as well as chart-topping singles, but she ended up taking a break from the music industry in 2018...

4. Rebecca Ferguson NOW

image source: metro.co.uk

Rebecca stated that she stepped away from the industry because she disagreed with the way she was treated by executives in regard to her skin colour. She has more recently turned her attention to campaigning in light of this, calling for a parliamentary review of the industry. She's also now happily in a relationship.

5. Cher Lloyd THEN

image source: irishmirror.co.uk

Cher Lloyd was one of the most well-known contestants on the show due to being branded a 'mini Cheryl'! She came fourth in her series of the show, but was still signed with Simon's record label. You may remember her debut single, Swagger Jagger - whether you want to remember it or not.

6. Cher Lloyd NOW

image source: thesun.co.uk

Cher did have some musical success until she pulled from Simon's label after saying he was too controlling. In later years she was still pushing her music and albums, although news on them was hit and miss, and nowadays she's married with two children, the latest of which was born last month.

7. Jedward THEN

image source: thetelegraph.co.uk

Jedward were the perfect X Factor contestants, because they provided great telly while rubbing Simon Cowell up the wrong way. The twins made it to the live shows, came in third in the final and were taken in by Louis Walsh to release their debut single. They went on to release three albums.

8. Jedward NOW

image source: irishmirror.co.uk

Jedward appeared in a variety of TV shows and even entered the Eurovision Song Contest in later years, and have found relative success with their music and TV careers. These days, though, they seem more focused on political and social issues, using their platform to speak about them and - in particular - taking a jibe at Simon Cowell as a "bad facelift"!

9. Matt Cardle THEN

image source: youtube.com

Matt Cardle was the prime example of how sometimes X Factors winners aren't as successful. He released his debut album fine enough, but then split from his music company because he thought they were too focused on One Direction... He then signed a deal with Sony.

10. Matt Cardle NOW

image source: mylondon.com

Unfortunately, though, it hasn't been plain sailing for Matt! Whilst making music, he came to struggle with addiction to prescription medication and ended up going to rehab. These days, he's overcome his drug and alcohol struggles and is back making music.

11. Danyl Johnson THEN

image source: themirror.co.uk

Danyl Johnson came in fourth place on the 2009 series of the X Factor, but he did have a chance to take his musical talents further when he came close to be the entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. In the end, though, he lost out to Lucie Jones to sing in the final.

12. Danyl Johnson NOW

image source: chesterstandard.com

After missing out on the Eurovision top spot, it seems that Danyl didn't have much interest in trying to continue a musical career, or even TV and music for that matter. These days, Danyl actually works for the People's Postcode Lottery as an Ambassador - but we're sure he still sings to pass the time!

13. Amelia Lily THEN

image source: huffpost.co.uk

Amelia Lily was one of the biggest stars to come out of the 8th season of the X Factor, and she ended up bagging a record deal as well as releasing high charting singles. She then switched to a career on the stage, with roles in Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and American Idiot.

14. Amelia Lily NOW

image source: themirror.co.uk

Amelia then tried her luck with reality TV, as in recent years she's appeared in a series of Celebrity Big Brother (even finishing as runner up) and then focused on a career in TV rather than music when she appeared in Geordie Shore in 2019. It seems Amelia now has a taste for drama instead!

15. Frankie Cocozza THEN

image source: birminghamlive.com

Frankie was a viewer favourite when he appeared on the show because we never got enough of that rock 'n' roll instead of pop ballads! He was only 18 years old when he auditioned for the show, and in true rock star lifestyle, he didn't end up doing too well with fame...

16. Frankie Cocozza NOW

image source: birminghamlive.com

Only a few years after his X Factor success, Frankie admitted that he'd wasted around £200,000 of his music fortune on getting drunk... and then began working a regular job on a building site. Since then, he settled down with wife Bianca Murphy, with the pair having a son together, before recently splitting.

17. Andy Abraham THEN

image source: irishmirror.co.uk

Andy Abraham was a great X Factor talent who came runner up to Shane Ward, and he was known as the Singing Binman after originally working as a binman before trying his musical talents! Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear much of Andy in terms of his own music... so where is he now?

18. Andy Abraham NOW

image source: andyabraham.co.uk

Andy has confirmed that he's actually left the music industry behind and returned to his work as a bin man! He's even still held onto his nickname, as he's still serenading the streets as he goes. He admits that his work "dried up" in the pandemic in terms of showbiz opportunities, so there's nothing wrong with going back to a stable job!

19. Wagner THEN

image source: hulllive.com

One of the most memorable contestants on the show has to be Wagner, who's proof that you don't have to be good at singing to be entertaining! Wagner came back as the Wildcard - and wild he was - but ended up butting heads with a few of his fellow contestants..

20. Wagner NOW

image source: dailystar.co.uk

Luckily, Wagner's personality and charm has meant that the work is actually still consistent for him these days, so he's able to make a steady living still in showbiz by mainly public appearances and sponsorships. He's also a family man raising his kids when he isn't working, and also focuses on health and beauty, with a keen interest in hair transplants and showing off his toned physique!

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