Discontinued 90’s/00’s Foods We Wish They’d Bring Back

By Kirsty 1 month ago

1. Nestle Vice Versas: one for every mood!

image source: eatthetreat.com

There's just something genius about pairing white and milk chocolate together. While many might not be fans of white chocolate on its own, when it was basically a Minstrel with a white chocolate centre and a milk chocolate shell, it was the best thing we'd ever tasted.

2. Cadbury's Astros: out of this world flavour

image source: reddit.com

These were sort of like crispy M&Ms but a million times better - so why were they taken away from us? Cadbury's Astros came with a delicious hard shell more like a Smartie than an M&M (which made them even better), then paired with milk chocolate and biscuit. Sigh.

3. Panda Pops: they popped off

image source: reddit.com

So in this health-conscious age, we completely understand why these luminous sugary drinks were stripped away from us, but the little kids in us sure would love to see these back, for old times sake. School discos would never have been the same without these.

4. Smiths Crispy Tubes: we sure miss them

image source: simplyeighties.com

If you liked KP Wheat Crunchies, then you definitely liked these - only they were a little lighter in texture, making you feel less guilty about scoffing ten bags of them. Maybe it's a good thing they discontinued them, because we just couldn't stop eating them.

5. Sun Lollies: the agony of waiting for them to set

image source: reddit.com

These were guaranteed to brighten your day when you opened that freezer drawer after Mum had just got back from shopping. They were not only a must-have for the summer (or whatever excuse for one we had in Britain) but they made weekends much better, too.

6. Cartoonies Biscuits: Animal Biscuits could never

image source: reddit.com

Sure, we still have Animal Biscuits - but they're just not the same. They're flat, for a start, when Cartoonies were 3D shells of chocolatey goodness! Not only did they taste delicious, but they were a lunchbox staple which meant every kid got excited about a little break time snack.

7. Piglets Potato Snacks: we ate them like a pig

image source: retrofinds.com

This one was a triple threat: not only did they look like pigs, they tasted like pigs and you could then pile all your pigs together to make a pig sandwich. What other snack can do that these days? None that we can think of. A clear gap in the market, and why they need to bring these back!

8. Brannigans Beef and Mustard Crisps: strong but delicious

image source: reddit.com

Sure, there were loads of good flavours of Brannigans - but was it really worth eating them if you didn't feel like your nose was going to fall off with the mustard burn? We need these back, not least because you felt like you'd achieved something making it through a bag of them!

9. Mini Cheddar Crinklys: more snack in a pack

image source: amazon.co.uk

Any snack that made the switch to crinkle was just better that way - it felt like you were getting more crisp for your money, as well as having a much more satisfying bite-into texture. Mini Cheddars were already delicious in their smooth version, but these crinkled ones should never have been taken away from us!

10. Mars Delight: and a delight it was

image source: reddit.com

Seriously, why were these taken off the shelves when the original Mars Bar still exists? These were so delicious, and sort of like a premium chocolate biscuit as well as a chocolate bar because of how delectably crunchy they were! The only issue with this was that it was supposed to be the more 'feminine' Mars Bar... okay, sure.

11. Flyte Chocolate: and fly it did, sadly

image source: eatthetreat.com

Right off the shelves and gone forever! Sure, the tagline was pretty questionable - "Taste the chocolate, skip some fat" - but it still tasted delicious enough to keep us wanting more. It was basically a Milky Way with the nougat milk chocolate flavour rather than vanilla - and there was nothing wrong with that!

12. Trio Bar: three reasons it should come back!

image source: foodbevmedia.com

There's nothing to complain about with this one: it's everyone's favourite snack in one, with chocolate, biscuit and toffee, from McVitie's. The only problem with this is you felt like you were eating three times as much if you had more than one. The good news is you can still get your hands on these in certain places, but not everywhere!

13. Cadbury's Snow Flake

image source: reddit.com

Aside from the amazing name play, this was just good sense! The chocolate ones are so good, so why not white chocolate? This one took the design of a Flake Dipped, with the harder exterior coating, and then made the middle flakes vanilla. We miss these - especially around Christmas time!

14. Cadbury's Marble: velvet praline heaven

image source: reddit.com

The worst part of having this taken off the shelves is that they didn't even give us a reason why. It's like they ghosted us with delicious marble chocolate. This bar was superior snacking, with its mix of creamy milk and white chocolate with a praline filling. Nothing compares to this.

15. Triple Power Push Pop: because one isn't enough!

image source: reddit.com

These kept us entertained in the school yard or as an after school snack back then, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't appreciate them as adults as a guilty pleasure! Forget fidget spinners, having one of these would be a great help for keeping focus! And triple the flavour? Ah, perfection.

16. Mars Planets

image source: pinterest.com

Sort of like a competitor of Revels (but not quite hitting the mark), these were still delicious in their own right. If you loved Mars anyway, they gave you a little variety without overdoing it too much with another stodgy chocolate bar. The best part was it was always a surprise which one you were going to get (as long as you liked all of them, of course!).

17. Lime Flavoured Skittles: the green machine

image source: reddit.com

This one is definitely a love hate situation. Most people would agree they'd reach for red or orange over green, but that was never the issue: the problem was they took lime away from us and replaced it with apple! If we wanted our five a day, we wouldn't be eating Skittles. But they took that from us, too.

18. Pepsi Blue: as healthy as it looks

image source: reddit.com

We're not saying we want this back for healthy living, but if we're going to treat ourselves to an unhealthy soda from time to time, why not have it bright blue and tasting like berries? This was one of the most refreshing drinks out there, and especially if you didn't like normal Pepsi - it made it bearable!

19. Kellogg's Cereal Straws: it's just good sense!

image source: reddit.com

If you're going to slurp up every last drop of your cereal milk anyway, then it just makes sense why you'd want to use a straw instead of making a mess! And then you can actually eat the straw afterwards because it's made of cereal too?! Genius! Why was this ever taken off the shelf?

20. Doritos 3rd Degree Burn: we couldn't handle the heat

image source: reddit.com

One thing is usually for sure when you eat Doritos: you want to get burnt. It's why everyone reaches for the hot and spicy ones with an even spicier dip rather than the cool blue (though that usually comes afterwards to cool down your tongue). Maybe they were taken away because they really were too hot? Shame!

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