Tristan Wants Khloe Back

By Molly Atherton 10 months ago
Content Source: Bang Showbiz 
Tristan Thompson "hasn't given hope" on reconciling with Khloe Kardashian.

The 32-year-old former NBA player has four-year-old daughter True as well as an eight-month-old son known to the world as only as T with reality star Khloe, 38, but even though she split up with him December 2021 after it was revealed that he had fathered a baby with Maralee Nichols during their time together, he is still hoping for another chance after moving almost next door to her.

A source told Us Weekly: "Khloé and Tristan live 0.2 miles away from each other in Hidden Hills. He hasn’t completely given up hope. Tristan is thrilled about having his own place so close to Khloé so he can visit her and the kids as often as possible. He hasn’t completely given up hope."

The insider went on to add that Tristan is aware that he and 'The Kardashians' star will always be in each other's lives and is "happy" that he was able to find a house so close to her because he wants to be there for the children.

The source added: "He knows they’re always going to be in each other’s lives because of their children. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been trying. At this point, he feels like all he can do is be the best father to their kids that he can and show Khloé over time that he’s there for their family. He is so happy he was able to find a home right around the corner from them because they’re his priority. He just wants to be there for his kids."

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