The Scariest Celebrity Stalkers

By Molly Atherton 7 months ago

1. ABBA Singer Agnetha Faltskog And Stalker Gert van der Graaf

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Agnetha is the iconic singer of the band ABBA, and her stalker was actually a former partner. He had originally dated the singer for 2 years, but Agnetha split up with the forklift driver when he began to become obsessive. Sadly, this behaviour continued when he'd constantly send her letters, call her and cover his walls with photos of her. He was eventually deported.

2. Pop Diva Jennifer Lopez And Stalker John Dubis

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The singer and actresses stalker managed to break into her home and actually stayed in her guest house for nearly a week before being detected. He claimed to be her ex-husband and even father of her children, and his stalking and claims resulted in him being sent away for psychiatric evaluation.

3. Actress Jodie Foster and Stalker John Hinckley, Jr.

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The actress's stalker, John Hinckley, Jr., became obsessed with her after watching her in a movie. He went to the same university as her with the intention of stalking her. His obsession became so great that he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to get her attention and favour. He was sent to be treated at hospital, but later released.

4. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow And Stalker Dante Soiu

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Paltrow received five letters a day from her stalker, as well as sexual items like porn and sex toys sent to her parents' home. His stalker plans included what he described as 'cutting out the sin' of Paltrow using 'God's scalpel'. He was hospitalized after being declared insane.

5. Actor Michael Douglas And Stalker Dawnette Knight

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Michael Douglas, and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, fell victim to a female stalker who wanted the actor all to herself. She harassed the couple and even threatened to kill Catherine and 'feed her to the dogs' so she could have Michael all to herself. She was imprisoned for three years on the charge of stalking - but has since been released and even now lives close to the Hollywood couple.

6. Actress Olivia Newton-John And Stalker Ralph Nau

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Olivia Newton-John's stalker apparently had a vision that the actress was in love with him before he decided to track her down. He flew to Australia to try to find her, and then became convinced she'd been replaced by an imposter. His return to the US then saw him murdering his step-brother under the belief that he'd turned into an animal.

7. Talk Show Host Conan O'Brien And Stalker David Ajemian

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The talk show host received letters from his Reverend stalker, a man who would write and sign threatening letters using the moniker 'your priest stalker'. The stalker was eventually sent to court where he agreed to have a restraining order placed against him. He later claimed his threatening behaviour was due to prescribed stimulants, but it was never proven.

8. Actress Nicole Kidman And Stalker Matthew Hooker

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Nicole Kidman's stalker, Matthew Hooker, would send her love poems as well as constantly calling her house, forcing the actress to file a restraining order against him. When she did so, he then claimed it was because she was hiding her feelings for him - and trying to ruin a political career that he didn't even have.

9. Talk Show Host David Letterman And Stalker Margaret Mary Ray

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The talk show legend's stalker, Margaret Mary Ray, truly believed that she and Letterman were involved as a couple. She continually harassed him, and was arrested more than once, including for stealing his car. After being sent to hospital for stalking Letterman, Ray later became obsessed with a former astronaut.

10. Actor Brad Pitt And Stalker Athena Rolando

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Brad Pitt's stalker, Athena Rolando, actually managed to break into his home, and instead of trying anything with the actor, she simply allowed herself to get comfortable and even changed into his clothes to sleep in his bed when he wasn't home. She was hanging around Pitt's house for ten hours before being found by household staff.

11. Music Legend George Harrison And Stalker Cristin Keleher

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Another of The Beatles to deal with an obsessed fan, George Harrison had a stalker named Cristin Keleher who actually managed to break into his mansion. She was then found to be doing general household chores, like laundry and cooking, when security came across her an hour later. Just like Brad Pitt, George Harrison fortunately wasn't home when his stalker broke in.

12. Olympic Athlete Shawn Johnson And Stalker Robert O'Ryan

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Shawn Johnson is a gold medal-winning athlete and starred on Dancing with the Stars. Her stalker, Robert, was driving across the country just to try and contact her. He claimed he heard voices telling him to protect the athlete. Guns were found in his car when he was apprehended by police, as well as notes expressing his love for Johnson.

13. Singer Lana Del Rey And Stalker Michael Shawn Hunt

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The singer's stalker attended one of her concerts in the hope of making contact, but fortunately he was apprehended by police before he could get access. He was found with a ticket to her show, along with a knife. It was later found that he had made Facebook posts about the singer and her upcoming concert, including 'Lana and I will be together'.

14. Actress Keira Knightley And Stalker Mark Revill

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Knightley's stalker Revill didn't just harass her, but her whole family, too. He would terrorize her family in their own home, and did so even when he had a restraining order against him. One such incident was when he posted a USB through her letterbox whilst making a noise like a cat. It was later found that he had indecent photos of children on his iPad.

15. Singer Selena Gomez And Stalker Che Cruz

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Singer Selena Gomez had a male stalker who claimed that he spoke directly with God - over 50 conversations a day, in fact - about murdering her. He even went so far as to support a restraining order being made against him, because he believed that was the only way he could be prevented from trying to get to her.

16. Pop Star Justin Bieber And Stalker Dana Martin

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Bieber's stalker was a man already convicted of a horrific crime. The man in question was in prison for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. Whilst in prison, he hatched a plan to mutilate Justin with a pair of garden shears, keep parts a trophy, and also enjoyed conversations about how 'good looking' Justin was and how he was legal for the man to go to bed with him.

17. Pop Legend Madonna And Stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins

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Madonna was being stalked by a man who was convicted and sent to a mental institution - which he then escaped from to harass her again. He first managed to get over the fence to her home and was shot by security before being imprisoned. His claims were that he either wanted to marry Madonna, or 'slash her throat from ear to ear'. He was caught before he could do any more damage.

18. Actress Uma Thurman And Stalker Jack Jordan

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Uma Thurman received explicit cards and drawings from her stalker for years - one of which included a man standing over a grave with a razor blade in his hand. He was arrested for stalking the actress, and went on to violate his parole, too. Whilst stalking the actress, whose role in Kill Bill only furthered his obsession, he also contacted family and friends of hers.

19. Music Queen Beyoncé And Stalker Bassey Essien

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Beyoncé received letters from her stalker, who threatened her on the basis that he believed she was an imposter who had killed the real Beyoncé. He claimed that he was actually trying to help her after having a dream about her. As well as sending threatening letters, he attended multiple concerts to try and get to her. She eventually won an anti-harassment order against him.

20. Singer Taylor Swift And Stalker Eric Swarbrick

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Taylor Swift's stalker actually believed that he was married to the star. His 'love' was so obsessive that he threatened to murder anyone who came between him and Taylor. He contacted her via emails, Tweets and letters, with threatening messages like 'if anyone in Taylor Swift's family gets killed, it is not my fault'. He also claimed he lived in Beverly Hills with her, and that he will 'carry a gun to protect her'.

21. The Beatles' John Lennon And Stalker Mark David Chapman

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Sadly, the famous Beatles singer's stalking incident ended in his murder. Mark David Chapman's chilling reason for killing Lennon was simply 'because he was very famous'. Chapman had been stalking The Beatles frontman and ended up murdering him outside his own home by fatally shooting him five times. He even remained at the scene, reading a book.

22. Pop Star Justin Timberlake And Stalker Karen McNeil

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Justin Timberlake had his stalker actually show up outside his house. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then claimed to be God and destined to rule the world. Justin filed a restraining order against her and she was put into psychiatric care. This wasn't her first obsession, either: before stalking Justin, she'd been obsessed with Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose.

23. Socialite Kim Kardashian And Stalker Dennis Shaun

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Kim Kardashian's stalker was constantly showing up at her events and attempting to contact her before Kim was granted a restraining order against him. Shaun's inappropriate behaviour began when he started Tweeting about his love for her - before moving to L.A in order to be closer to her. He would then show up at her public appearances dressed as the Joker.

24. Pop Legend Britney Spears And Stalker Masahiko Shizawa

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Britney Spears received letters, emails and pictures from her stalker, which included disturbing messages like 'I'm chasing you'. He still stalked Britney even after a restraining order was issued, even hanging outside her parents' home as well as her own property. When Britney's bodyguards found him outside her home, he then went on to try and sue them for 'extreme emotional stress' after he was confronted.

25. Singer Miley Cyrus And Stalker David Rumsey

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Miley's stalker would attend events and shows that she was appearing in and wait outside movie sets for her to appear. He even went so far as to claim that he was actually engaged to the singer. His behaviour led Miley to get a restraining order against him - which he violated in order to stalk her, and was then arrested.

26. Actress Sandra Bullock And Stalker Joshua Corbet

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Joshua Corbet not only stalked Sandra Bullock, but broke into her home with a loaded gun. The actress was forced to hide in her room until the cops arrived, where they arrested Joshua and later found a notebook in his home which revealed plans to sexually assault Sandra once in her home. He was sentenced to time in a mental health facility, but later killed himself with a knife during a SWAT team stand-off.

27. Music Star Rihanna And Stalker Jonathan Whooper

Image Source: Daily MailRihanna's stalker didn't just follow and harass her, he became aggressive. The stalker found out where the star lived and managed to break into her house. On top of this, he threw a chair threw her window, and claimed that he was her future husband. The singer was finally able to get a restraining order against him.

28. Actress Jennifer Lawrence And Stalker Zhao Han Cong

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Jennifer Lawrence not only had to battle with having a stalker, but also had to endure her own family being harassed, too. Her stalker managed to contact her brother and harassed him with over 200 calls, texts and emails, claiming to be Jennifer's 'husband for life.' He pushed her brother to put him in touch with her and said 'bad things' would happen. He was later arrested.

29. Actress And Singer Ashley Tisdale And Stalker Nick Fiore

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High School Musical star, actress and singer Ashley Tisdale not only received harassing Tweets from her stalker - which equated to around 18,000 messages - but also received death threats in the online Tweets, too. He was eventually sent to prison when he ignored the police's orders to stay away from the actress.

30. Singer Selena And Stalker Yolanda Saldivar

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Selena's young life tragically ended when her stalker turned into a murderer. Selena was killed by the president of her own fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, who was using the club to embezzle money. When the truth came out, Yolanda was fired, and she then went on to shoot the singer in an inn in Texas. Yolanda was imprisoned, and Selena died from her wounds.

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