Jason Momoa’s Environmental Advocacy and Passions Beyond Acting

By Molly Atherton 7 months ago
Jason Momoa, the popular star of 'Aquaman', recently opened up about his true passions in life, and they don't include acting! While he's happy to "entertain" people with his movies, he revealed in a recent interview with Men's Health magazine that his main passions are art, his two children, and environmental issues. Specifically, he's working to ban single-use plastics, an important cause he cares deeply about.

Jason Momoa has been vocal about his passion for environmental issues, particularly the harmful impact of single-use plastics on the planet. In 2019, he launched a line of canned water with a company called Ball Corporation, which is committed to using 100% recyclable aluminum cans. Momoa also led a protest in Hawaii against the construction of a telescope on a sacred mountain, citing concerns about environmental damage. He believes that as individuals, we can all take small actions to make a difference in protecting the environment for future generations.

Image Source / Men's Journal

Despite his success in Hollywood, Momoa recognizes that being away from his family for long periods of time is challenging. That's why he's careful about the projects he takes on, and only works with people he wants to work with. He wants his children to know that it's important to follow their passions and fin d your own path in life.

One way that Momoa connects with his kids is through their shared love for climbing. He's developed a "massive bond" with them and loves it when they send him videos of them climbing while he's working away. Momoa sees climbing as a way for his children to express themselves and be confident in their movements.

As a parent, Momoa also encourages his children to embrace challenges and embrace failure. He believes that falling is a necessary part of the learning process and that it's okay to make mistakes. By pushing through challenges, you can ultimately succeed.

Image Source / Men's Health 

While acting may not be his true passion, Momoa is grateful for the opportunities it has given him and is excited to continue making movies that entertain the masses. But at the end of they day, his true passions lie in his art, his family, and making a positive impact on the environment.

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