How Many Of These Gross Things Do You And Your Partner Do?

By Molly Atherton 7 months ago

Pee Whilst You're Showering Together

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Taking a shower together? Fine... But what you really, I mean, really, shouldn't be doing is peeing in the shower TOGETHER. No matter how long you've been together - 2, 5, 10, even 20 years - you should never feel your partner's warm wee as you shower!

Share Each Other's Toothbrush

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Yes, instantly you will feel that gagging reflex kicking in. As disgusting as it sounds, some couples who have been together a good whilst love sharing everything - even their toothbrushes. This might be acceptable if one of them is, say, staying over at the other's house and hasn't packed any overnight necessities - but otherwise absolutely not!

Clip Your Partners Gross Toenails

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This is NEVER something you should have to do. They say that a billion bacteria sometimes live underneath your nails, and we can well believe it too. If you're one of the very few people who would not be creeped out by cutting your partner's toenails... just make sure you wash your hands afterwards, thoroughly!

Share Every Gross Detail About Your Time Of The Month

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You wouldn't dream of discussing periods and how heavy they are etc. with a friend but your regular partner is a different kettle of fish.  You will go into great detail about the flow and how painful it is or that you might be leaking. He might not want to hear the intimate details but it won't stop you giving him a full account when it's your time of the month!

Borrowed Their Used Socks

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Socks are pretty much the item of clothing that gets the most sweaty and the most smelly. Think about the bacteria they harbour after a hot stifling day stuck in a shoe. Should we really be throwing on our partner's old socks (no matter how briefly)? Absolutely not.

Fart In Front Of Each Other

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When you think back to the early days when you got together with your partner and you wanted him or her to think you were perfect in every sense of the word - well, what happened.  The pair of you are now not afraid to let rip and it doesn't even concern the other person.  You've even got to the stage where you don't even say 'excuse me'!

Leave The Bathroom Door Wide Open

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Privacy would have been paramount between two new lovers when it came to bathroom etiquette.  That door would not only be closed when you wanted to use the toilet but you'd use the lock as well so as not to face any embarrassing situations.  Fast forward a year or more and that door isn't just left unlocked; it's left wide open and neither of you have a care in the world about it.

Check Each Other's Noses For Boogers

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You have levelled up in your relationship if you feel confident enough to ask them to check up your nose for any boogers. This is something that we are all self conscious of from time to time, especially around flu season. So, it's good that you can trust your partner to be brutally honest with you.

Kiss With Smelly Morning Breath

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You know that waking up to your partner is blissful, that is until one of you leans in for a kiss and you get a whiff of that morning breath.  Singles will see this as a turn off, but couples in a long-term relationship will not be bothered by the less than minty taste and turn a blind eye - or a blind nostril.

Peel Each Other's Flaky Sunburn

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It's quite a pleasurable experience applying factor 50 to each other's back before basking in the sun.  What isn't so delightful is 3 days later when you've burnt to a crisp and your skin starts flaking off.  There's nothing else you can do except ask you partner to peel the skin off and lather you up in aftersun.

Smell Each Other's Armpits

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True love knows no boundaries... not even having a big sniff of your partners armpits to see if they need a shower, or if they can get away with it for another day. For some reason, when you're that deep into a relationship it could take a lot for you to get embarrassed around them!

Pop Each Other's Pimples

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As much as you hate to admit it, there is something sickeningly satisfying about popping your own zits. But, it's even better when you get to pop your partner's pimples! No matter the location on their body, you are ready to deep dive into popping the annoying zit that has decided to grow on them!

Pee Whilst Your Partner Is Showering

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This is the ultimate sign that you and your significant other are comfortable with each other. If you are happy enough letting your other half watch you use the toilet whilst they bath or shower then it must be love. However, you better pre-warn them when you're about to flush to chain or they'll be in for a shock!

Checked Their Teeth For Any Food

Pulled pork sticking in between your teeth, herbs sticking flat to the front of your teeth so that it looks like they are green... Nobody wants food in their teeth. But then again nobody wants to see people with food in their teeth either. So consult a mirror and not your partner.

Check Any Weird Rash Or Spots ANYWHERE On Their Body

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Those who have been in long term relationships know that you can always count on your other half to be honest. If you come up with a weird rash or get a pimple in an odd place - then before you consult your doctor, you get the trusty opinion of your partner to help diagnose what the issue could be.

Eat Chewing Gum That's Just Been In Your Partner's Mouth

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Fighting over the last piece of gum? Then you know how to settle this: 10 chews each then pass the gum over to your partner! That's definitely one way to make sure you both have fresh breath. This is definitely much easier than splitting it into two pieces...right?

Pluck Those Random 4-inch Hairs Growing Out Their Body

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We've all been there, finding a four inch hair growing from the most random part of your body: maybe in the middle of your thigh or out of a mole on your back. Panic kicks in on how to remove it - because you know it's going to hurt! But, fear not, you can always count on your partner to get the tweezers at the ready!

Use Their Dirty Bath Water

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There's nothing more relaxing than a hot bubble bath. That is the case for partner number one but once they hope out and partner number 2 gets in the bath, the bubbles are long gone and the water is all dirty now! Either that, or you get in together... which is never as romantic and relaxing as you see in the films!

Borrow His Boxers

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Those were the days when you would only wear matching underwear or designer boxers at the start of the new relationship.  How things have changed.  He is turning his pants inside out to get another day's wear out of them and you are borrowing his boxer shorts because they're comfier than the thong you just washed!

Share A Razor

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Any males reading this, you might want to skip this one.  When we have run out of our own razors or hair removal cream, there is only one thing for it.  No, it's not to embrace the fuzz!  We HAVE to use our partner's razor, without asking them and without telling them.  They will soon find out our guilty secret when they shave their face and are covered in cuts - oops!

Eat In Bed & Sleep In The Crumbs

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The idea of eating in bed is always better than the actual thing. Every time you put your fresh sheets on your swear you won't make the same mistake by bring food anywhere near them. But, by the time you've ordered a pizza on Saturday night, you can't think of anywhere better to eat it than in bed with Netflix and your partner. Bliss!

Share EVERY Detail About Your Trip To The Toilet

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Necessary? Absolutely not. Will you still do it every single time you go to the bathroom? Absolutely. This is what happens when you've finally passed the 12 month mark on your relationship. But, you will always create a song and dance about your recent trip the the bathroom.

Burp In Front Of Each Other

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Farting is one thing, sometimes it just slips out. Burping, however, is a whole new level. If you've been together a while, you probably won't even bat an eyelid when your partner lets rip. By now, you probably think it's pretty normal. Well.... it's still pretty gross!

Pick Your Nose In Front Of Each Other

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Unlike, burping and farting (two things that can innocently just slip out every now and then), picking your nose really is something that can, and SHOULD, be done in private. There's just no need to attempt to dig out a bogey in front of your partner. EVER.

Been Stuck Together Spooning On A Really Hot Night

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Spooning is a sweet and intimate act of affection. HOWEVER, even at the best of times, it can cause sweating, hair-in-face and a really dead arm. The discomfort of being big spoon or little spoon increases by 1000x if you've chosen to do it on the hottest night of the year. No, thank you!

Clear The Plug Hole Of Her Matted Hair

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There's something hideous living in your shower plughole... it's a pile of matted, filthy hair and it's super difficult to kick out. Clearing your girlfriend or wive's hair out of the plughole is sometimes a necessity if it's causing your shower to leak, but no matter how many times you have to do it, it doesn't get any easier. The stench, the feel, just, ew!

Smell Each Other's Clothes To Check If They're Clean

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Ok, admit it, you've probably done this before. We ALL smell our clothes to see if they need a freshen up or if they'll live to see another day without a wash. Just keep in mind, sniffing tops is one thing, sniffing other garments (you know what I mean) is a whole different game.

Done It In Your Parent's Bed

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Sometimes the mood just takes over and you find yourself doing 'it' in your parent's bed, said nobody ever. Surely not! Well, believe it or not, this really is a thing that many, many couples have admitted to. Passionate or just plain gross? I think the latter!

Use Each Other's Roll On Deodorant

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It might not have even crossed your mind that this is one of the grossest acts ever, but it really is quite a disgusting thing to do. Just think about all the germs that are harboured under your pits - and now they're living on your partner's pits too. Ew!

Scratch Each Other In Bed With Long Toenails

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Fancy a leg scratch? Go on then! If your shins, calves or thighs are feeling itchy in bed, why not just ask your partner for a toenail scratch? No need to bother reaching down to satisfy your itch, just get him/her to use his toes to reach all the right places.

Put Your Finger In Their Mouth When They're Yawning

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Ok this is probably THE most annoying thing you could possibly do to your partner. Aside from being completely humoured that you have ruined the satisfaction of your partner's yawn, it's probably time to acknowledge that you've deposited a fair few germs in your partner's mouth from your finger... I bet you never thought of that!

Kissed And Got Lipstick All Over Your Partner's Mouth

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You're all ready for the night with your perfectly applied lipstick (maybe even red lipstick) and t first you probably exercise some self-control and refrain from too much kissing. But by the end of the night sometimes this flies out the window and the pinky smears of the red lipstick end up all over his face...

Been All Over Each Other In Public

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PDA is acceptable in small doses. The odd kiss here and there, a nice hand hold, a little hug. But when couples are all over each other in public it's just gross. Everybody else has to witness it. And while you might think it's cute and lovey's better to save if it for private.

Shared Towels

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We've all done this at some point surely. And, if it's only been used once or twice and it's still looking fresh then it doesn't seem so bad. But if you're sharing your partner's old towel then it's pretty yucky... Think of all the germs you are wiping over yourself straight after you clean yourself. It's time to get your own.

Squeezed Their Blackheads

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This is similar to squeezing their spots. But there's something even more unnecessary about this one. This is definitely for those people who love to squeeze anything in sight. And it's pretty gross to be squeezing gunk out of somebody else's pores. Even if it is your partner.

Shaved Their Hard To Reach Places

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If you can't reach the place to shave yourself, it seems to make sense to ask them to do it for us. Or maybe it is just plain laziness. In which case, this is totally unnecessary and maybe just embrace the hair rather than have your partner shave it for you.

Burping In front Of Them

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Okay, so the odd burp may slip out from time to time when we can't help it and it's totally natural - no shame. BUT, if you are purposefully burping in front of your partner then it's totally gross. And, i'm sure they would absolutely rather that you refrained.

Taking Turns On The Toilet And Not Flushing

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Saving water or just gross? It depends. If it was a quick wee then go ahead and take turns after one another. If it was anything else...then it is just plain gross. And, come on surely we want to keep the romance alive without them witnessing every bodily function.

Done It When Neither Of You Has Showered

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Sometimes you are both in the mood, and neither of you have may showered. And there's something comfortable and intimate in not worrying whether you are a little but sweaty with your partner. But on the other hand if you are both dirty and gross then the griminess just multiplies...

Cleaned Up Their Dirty Underwear

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Come on. Nobody wants to do this for their partner. it's unnecessary and just plain LAZY. Having to pick your partner's dirty underwear up from the floor regularly is definitely a romance killer. It is pretty easy to put your own underwear in the wash after all.

Cleaned Up Their Vomit

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This can be an act of care and love if your partner is sick - caring for them even when they are a little bit gross. But, if you are cleaning up their vomit after a night out then it's totally different and definitely not something you or your partner should have to do.

Wiped Food Off Their Face By Licking Your Finger And Wiping

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Remember when you were a child and your parent did this? And you would pull back and squirm as thry licked their finger and reached out to your face. and that's because it's gross. Especially with your fully grown partner. Get your spit away from their face...

Wiped Your nose On Their Sleeve

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If you don't have a tissue, and you don't have your own sleeve...use your partners. Absolutely not. Find anything but your partner's sleeve because this is disgusting, and it means they will then continue to walk around with your snot on their sleeve.

Slept In Dirty Sheets For Weeks

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Sheets collect a LOT of germs and bacteria. Especially when it's hot. You know that feeling when you wake up all sweaty and the sheet is practically soaked under you. With two bodies sleeping in them every night it's totally gross not to change them often.

Wiped Each Other's Morning Eye Crust

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Crusty or gooey eyes in the morning is disgusting in itself - even your own. So wiping your partner's eye crust is not okay no matter how long you've been together. Let them clean their own eyes. In fact, unless it is a child or a dog - this should just not happen.

Smelled Their Breath For Them

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Whether it is morning breath or they are checking how much the garlic residue has lingered on their breath, this is not very pleasant when you are on the reciprocating end. And, isn't the reason you don't want your breath to smell because you don't want to disgust your partner? So this one does not make sense.

Cleaned Up Some Of Their Toe Nail Clippings

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Now this is a huge NO, no. Nobody should be leaving their toenail clippings around for their partner to find. Is there anything really more gross than this? I don't think so. Finding a hard, yellow toe nail and wondering if this was from last week or last month...

Had A Rash From Their Body Hair

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Sometimes when you are both very close and personal you feel their body hair scratching against you. A beard for example, a stomach... or anywhere. For the time you ignore it and then after you are left with a kind of red rash on your body. Which is kind of gross if you think about it.

Pulled Out Their Grey Hairs

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We all get stray grey hairs now and then. And usually we yank them out before people notice them. What if your partner spots it first? Should you let them pull it out for you? Well it's definitely not the grossest act of all but it's still pretty gross.

Check Each Other's Ear Wax

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Some habits that partners develop happen gradually until they become the norm.  Who would have thought you would be checking the depths of your loved one's ear holes, looking for traces of wax or, worse still, potato-like balls, growing in there, yuck!! It's not pleasant.

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