A Day In The Life Of An Airhostess

By Molly Atherton 7 months ago

1. 24-Hour Shift

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No one day is the same for an air hostess and in some cases, a working shift can be as long as 24 hours! A day in the life of an air hostess can be a very long and tiring day but most would agree it is worth every little yawn... especially when your jet setting around the world!

2. Checking the Roster

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This job isn't your typical 9-5 day and air hostesses are required to be flexible. It is important for an air hostess to regularly keep up-to-date with her shift patterns and flight schedules. Once this is done the air hostess can plan her schedule or request any change for the rest of the month.

3. The night before

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Just like all passengers, air hostesses need to make sure they are packed and ready for a flight and in accordance with airline guidelines. If scheduled for a long-haul flight they will need to bring enough clothes and toiletries for an overnight stay.

4. 4:00am - Early Start

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Air Hostess's typical day will start very early...normally around 4 am. This is because many flights are scheduled for the morning and an air hostess will need time to prepare in the morning before she gets to the airport and starts her shift. This is just the beginning of her 24-hour day!

5.  4:15am - Beautification

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As they are in a customer-based role each airline will have a particular set of standards which they will require from their air hostesses at all times. The so-called "faces of their company" are required to have pristine uniforms, hair perfectly styled and flawless make-up.

6. 4:45am - Leaving the house

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Now that the air hostess is presentable and prepared for her work day, it is time to leave the house...making sure to remember her suitcase! Cabin crew are supposed to arrive two hours before a flight and the airline will provide transportation from their home to the workplace.

7. 05:30am - Airport Arrival

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Once arriving at the airport air hostess will make their way to office headquarters, but they are required to follow normal airport security checks... although they don’t have the same wait times. But just like us, they may need to hang around at the airport if on call or a flight has been delayed.

8. 05:45am - Staff briefing

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All crew-mates will arrive for a pre-flight briefing. This is to go over all the flight details together and plan the day...and this normally requires a lot of coffee! Management may also provide the air hostess with specific assignments or shift changes.

9. 06:00am - Quiz time

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It is important that before any flight an air hostess reviews the airline's safety and emergency procedures... to help refresh their knowledge. In some cases, an airline may require an air hostess to take a little quiz and if this isn't scored highly they could be taken off the flight!

10. 06:30 am - Meet the crew

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After a brief walk through the airport, the air hostess will finally board the airplane. This is where she will spend the next few hours of her shift with her crewmates. Although she may have met some of her colleagues in the briefing this is the time to connect with her team on a personal level.

11.  06:45am - Pre-flight duties

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It's all hands on deck from here on out! Before passengers can board any aircraft it is the responsibility of the air hostess to make sure the plane is thoroughly cleaned, emergency checks completed and the correct supplies are on board. Without these checks, an airplane may not be fit for travel.

12. 07:15am - Seating assignments

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After the pre-flight checks are completed, the crew will delegate an assigned role to each other for the duration of the flight. This is based on where they are sitting… air hostesses sitting on the right or left of the cabins will indicate that they are responsible for that side of the plane.

13. 07:30 am - Welcome

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Boarding has now begun! It is time for the air hostesses to head to their assigned stations and help great passengers. An air hostess will check passports and boarding passes, guide guests to their seats and answer any questions the customers may have - all with a big smile!

14. 07:45 am - Safety checks

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Once boarding is complete the air hostess will offer assistance to anyone struggling with luggage or seating issues. When passengers are settled they will walk up and down the plane to make sure everyone is safe and secure...this means checking seatbelts are fastened and all overhead storage is closed correctly.

15. 08:00am - Demonstration

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Whilst the pilot gets the plane ready for take-off, it is the responsibility of the air hostess to give a safety demonstration to passengers. This is an important step as it allows the passenger to see what they should do in an emergency...including where all emergency equipment is stored and where the emergency exits are.

16. 08:15 am - Take off

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After the rush of boarding, safety checks and demonstrations it’s time for a little break...before the in-flight service begins! Once all pre-flight safety checks have been done air hostesses will return to their assigned seating and buckle themselves up for take-off.

17. 08:30 am - Sky high service

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The seat belt sign has been turned off and it is now time to commence with the in-flight service. This customer-based service requires the air hostess to provide passengers with beverages and snacks and in some cases provide pillows and blankets. This requires a lot of multitasking between the air hostesses to make sure the whole plane is seen too.

18. 11:00 am - Food prep

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Whilst the passengers settle in, the air hostess is hard at work prepping for the food service! Food services tend to vary depending on the time of day and airline and even though most food items are pre-packaged, air hostesses are required to heat dishes and sort the final touches.

19. 12:00pm - Time to eat

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All food will be placed into carts; which will help the air hostess transport the food through the aircraft. Each passenger will receive the food they have ordered or requested with the ultimate care. The air hostess will also make sure any dietary requirements are met or questions about the food are answered.

20. 12:45 pm - Routine checks

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Air hostesses will now do routine checks to ensure that passengers are comfortable and satisfied. They will also monitor safety throughout the flight offering aid to anyone in distress. In cases of turbulence or emergencies, the air hostess will communicate with passengers as well as the captain and follow procedures.

21. 1:00 pm - Break time

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Break time! - After all their hard work it is important that air hostesses have mandatory rest times. This can vary on the type of flight and the crew will take turns throughout their shift to have a break. It is a time for them to rest their feet and recharge before tackling the rest of the flight!

22.  1:45 pm - Clean up

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During the flight, the air hostess must maintain a certain level of cleanliness! Once the food service has ended it is their responsibility to clean up all the meals, drinks and other trash. They may also replenish any supplies in the bathrooms and must dispose of trash accordingly.

23.  2:00 pm - Last-minute checks

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It is time to begin the descent and it is up to the air hostess to do some last-minute checks! This includes; all seat belts being fastened, seats in the correct position, and trays and window shutters being up and secure. Any last-minute requests by passengers will also be met.

24. 2:30 pm - Landing

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As the plane begins to land the air hostess will take their places back in their seating assignments. They will monitor the passengers from their positions and keep in regular contact with the cockpit in case any issues occur. Their duties are nearly coming to an end but they must maintain professionalism at all times!

25. 3:00 pm - Saying goodbye

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The plane has landed and it is now time to say goodbye to the passengers! Once the plane has parked at the assigned gate the air hostesses will help all passengers safely disembark, ensuring they all have their belongings. Big smiles all around to ensure customers are left feeling satisfied with their trip.

26. 3:30 pm - Final Duties

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Unfortunately, their shift doesn't end just yet! Once all passengers are off the plane there are a few pre-flight duties that air hostesses may need to take care of. Incidents will be written up in an issue report, any items left behind will be collected and equipment will be checked. Some air hostesses are responsible for doing quick last-minute cleaning tasks.

27. 4:30 pm - Layover

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Legally air hostesses are only allowed to work 12-14 hours and if they are on a long-haul flight they are normally given a layover. When they have finished their duties and disembarked from the plane they will be provided with transport and a hotel room to relax and recharge before their next scheduled flight.

28. 6:00 pm - Downtime

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Now comes the fun part! Whilst they are off the clock air hostess can enjoy some downtime in the destinations they have flown to. It’s time to spend your downtime how you want...from seeing the sites to enjoying the food culture or simply relaxing by the pool and getting some much-earned rest!!

29. 11:30 pm - Bedtime

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After a long day, it is time to climb into bed and get a good night's rest! For most air hostesses the layover may not be that long and they will be up again early in the morning to repeat their day. They must get their beauty sleep and be ready to tackle the next scheduled flight.

30.  Addicted to flying

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The life of an air hostess can be long and exhausting but we can all agree it comes with some perks! Most air hostesses would agree that the "hard work is worth it". Not only do they get to enjoy flying to new and exciting places but also the service they provide... as well as being a part of passengers' vacations and memories.

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