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Gary Neville Wife- Who Is Sky Sports Pundit Married to?

Do you know about Gary Neville wife, children and life other than sports?

Gary Neville, who used to be a Manchester United footballer, is now popular as the Sky Sports pundit as well as Euro 2020 ITV news presenter.

But there is less talk about his wife and personal life as her wife is not much famous on social media.

Let’s get into it today.

gray neville wife

Who Is Gary Neville Wife?

All know Emma Hadfield is as Gary Neville’s wife.

Emma Hadfield is from England and does not belong to a celebrity profile, and people find her actual date of birth under the veil. But according to Celebpie, Emma was born on 18 March, 1980.

So, this can be guessed Emma- Gary Neville Wife age is now 40.

Emma’s childhood was spent in Middleton, UK. She possesses a pretty attractive and reserved personality.

This 5’7’’ attractive figure featuring Emma is from white ethnicity.

Apart from being known as former footballer Gary’s wife, Emma is a transformer coach who teaches other women online about maintaining a balanced diet by sharing exercises and diet plans.

Emma Hadfield & Gary Wedding

Gary Neville Wife

In 2004, the former footballer Gary met Emma for the first time. At that time, Emma worked as a shop assistant.

They continued dating for around 2 years. And then, in 2007, they tied the knot in Manchester Cathedral, at their holiday home Gozo- Malta island.

The wedding took place so luxuriously that people still remembered.

During their early dating times, Emma used to be a holistic therapy student.

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Emma & G Neville has been together for 17 years.  They have 2 children together.

2 years after their wedding, they happily announced their first baby daughter Molly on 11 January 2009. And right after a year, on 25 March 2021, they welcomed their second daughter Sophie.

Though Emma is not active on social media, we can find the Manchester legend being a doted father by posting on about her family and two daughters his Instagram and keep us updated.

About Gary Neville

gary neville

Gary Neville (43) Emma’s husband that she is mainly known for, is a former footballer. He was famous for playing for Manchester and was the second-largest longest-rendering player of Manchester United.

After his retirement, Gary took the position of commentator on Sky Sports in 2011. Later in 2015, he worked as a head coach in Valencia.

Then again, in 2012, Gary also worked as an assistant manager for England national team. And there, he continued up to 2016.

One club man Gray is a co-owner of the Salford City as well. If we take a look at Gray Neville net worth, it is $25 million. And around $2 million per year Gary earns from his role of punditry in Sky Sports.

On the contrary, Gary Neville wife Emma net worth is around $5 million.

Apart from Sports

Gray is much active and visible apart from his football legendary and punditry role.

In 2013, Gary was in collaboration with a hospitality company called GG Hospitality, which is basically for constructing different hotels and restaurants with football themes around the UK.

The same year, the company launched a café called Cafe Football in Stratford, London. And in 2015, it built the Hotel Football also.

Besides, Gary is also a co-owner of Salford City Football Club, which is under project 92.

The Sky Sports pundit is also famous for covering ITV’s Euro 2020. After playing around for 20 years, Gray went on retirement in February 2011.

But that was not the end, and along with performing the family responsibility, he is respected enough with his football punditry.

Ending Note

Gray came of a sports hierarchy as his father, late Neville Neville, was also a cricket legend.  In his career life, he won 8 premier league titles.

Compared to this, Gary Neville wife Emma Hadfield does not belong to any high profile. Even she did not work after the wedding and gave all her time to the family and children.

Like other normal families, the couple also had to go through ups and downs in their life. Even there was once an accusation of cheating on Emma. But it never led to rose any flame to split so far now.

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