Who Is Ant Middleton’s Wife, Emilie Middleton?

By Lynda Keleer 2 years ago

Who Is Ant Middleton's Wife, Emilie Middleton?
People are always curious about who Ant Middleton's wifeis, how they met, their married life and what goes on behind closed doors.

Today, we will be disclosing all the insides of their marriage... taking you a tour of Emilie Middleton and her lovable journey with Ant Middleton.

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Who Is Emilie Middleton?

Emilie Middleton is well known as the spouse of SAS: Who Dares Wins stars, Anthony Middleton.

This rising star’s wife was born in 1980 in UK. Emilie is of British nationality and of white ethnicity.

Emilie’s First Meet with Anthony

He met Emilie at a bar in Chelmsford in Essex. And it was 2004- the very first meeting of Ant with Emilie.

Emilie said to the Sun,
“I was 24 and working at a bar in Chelmsford. It was love at first sight.

She also added-
“He was so cheeky and funny, as well as good-looking and muscular, and I knew he was The One.”

When Ant Married Emilie Middleton?

Ant was more focused on his soldier life at that time. However, in one of her interviews, Emilie told about her bizarre condition with the Army community.

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She sighed at how she managed to communicate with other soldiers’ wives. And when Ant was far away from Emilie, they would always try to be in touch through mobile as much as possible.

This couple got very little time for dating, and more were in a long-distance relationship. And Emilie as a committed lover really kept on with her commitment so well.

Ant Middleton told the OK magazine,
“I was quite selfish and put my career first for a long time, but I wanted to spend more time at home.

Unfortunately, during this 2 year of relationship journey, Ant mostly had to go away for months. However, this turned out to be making their love bonding stronger.

And finally, in May 2006, Ant married Emilie in Antigua.

Emilie Always Was in a Fear with Ant’s Military Lifestyle

Ant more liked to be with soldiers and always seem to put his army life first. And he confessed himself as selfish and added-
“I was quite selfish and put my career first for a long time, but I wanted to spend more time at home.”

Ant Middleton also praised her wife for keeping his family behind him so well.

However, their relationship got stronger when Ant had to go to Afghanistan in 2008, where they had to pass without any contact for months. That time Emilie and Ant felt their bonding with each other.

That time Ant Middleton wife Emilie felt the fear of losing Ant and was worried.

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She sighed, saying to the Sun Magazine,
“Thankfully, Ant’s mental health hasn’t been affected by what he’s seen in war zones, and he’s never needed counseling.”

However, Ant Middleton wife- Emilie, got some relief when Ant has to leave military life.

Emilie said,
“It was a relief when Ant retired from the military in April 2012 to spend more time with us. I was glad to have him back, though it was also weird for both of us returning to civilian life.”

Ant Middleton Wife- Emilie’s Struggle with Ant’s Fame

After leaving military life, Ant and Emilie moved to Chelmsford. And in 2015, when Ant joined Channel 4 for the reality TV show SASL Who Dares Wins, Emilie’s life took a new track.

Emilie had to go through a lot to adjust to her husband’s newfound fame. But, she also revealed that it did impact their relationship.

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In Ant’s book zero negativity, Emilie wrote-
“Almost overnight, we went from an existence where nobody knew anything about my husband and how he was spending his time to realizing that millions of people thought they knew everything about him.”

Even Ant was away from Emilie’s fourth pregnancy time for the Mutiny show project.

Like other celebrity star’s wives, Emilie also confessed that her husband- Ant, also gets so many texts from different girls on social media.

But keeping it as their privacy, Emilie addressed her husband as “committed.”

How Active Is Emilie in Social Media?

Emilie does not seem to be on Facebook. But on Twitter, Emilie used to be active.

Yes, it used to be! Though we found Emilie on Twitter since 2015, she has not tweeted since 2017.

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One or two Twitter replies say she hops on Twitter in leisure.

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Emilie’s Instagram is not as popular as that of Ant.  Also, it seems to be a private account with a bio as Mrs. Middleton.

Also, Emilie’s Insta bio defines her married life and the motherhood of Ant’s children.

Her private but complete insta bio introduces her as-

1/2 Mumma to Oakley, Mumma to Shyla & Priseïs, Mumma to Gabriel & Bligh, and Fur Mumma to Roxy.

Bit Secret but Typical Housewife Life

Emilie is leading a happily married life with his husband and their five children- four from Emily and the eldest son from Ant’s previous relationship.

Ant Middleton wife- Emilie, leads a typical housewife’s life with his SAS: Who Dares Wins star husband Ant.

Nowadays, after being axed from SAS, they are moving to Australia. Also, Emilie loves Australia. So it seems to Emilie always has been persuading Ant to move to Australia.

Emilie Middleton is 41 years old and doing no job now.

As a wife of an overnight celebrity Ant Middleton, Emilie Middleton has not unveiled her that much so far now.

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