Khloe's Pet Dilemma

By Juliet Smith

3rd August 2021

Khloe Kardashian wants to get her daughter True a pet cat to help her settle into their new home.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star and her three-year-old girl are due to move into their new pad in the coming months, but Khloe has never had a pussy before, so she’s been researching “good kitten rescues” in Los Angeles and asked her followers for some advice.

But as a dog person, who was heartbroken when her “fur baby” Labrador, Gabbana, passed away in January 2018, when she was pregnant with True, Khloe has admitted she will probably end up getting a kitten and a pooch.

The Good American co-founder tweeted: “My fur baby Gabbana passed away when I was 6 months pregnant. Emotionally, I wasn’t ready for another fur baby. But now that True is getting older I figured I would get her a dog once we got settled into the new house. I desperately miss my Goober, it’s been over 3 years and I’m finally ready. I know a dog would be a great addition to our home. Buttttt Miss True has a love for cats and wants a cat. I have never owned a cat before. I don’t know anything about cats. I’ve been researching for weeks (literally). I’ve been trying to persuade her to get a dog but she’s not falling for it. Sooooooooooo does anyone know of any good kitten rescues in Los Angeles. (sic)”

The 37-year-old reality star continued: “I have a few more months until I move. So I’m trying to look into shelters and still do a little more research until then. I’m sure a move can be a little jarring for a three year old, so I’m trying to get the kitten around move-in time so True is excited for the new house.”

And when one follower suggested she should get both a dog and a cat, she replied: “I have a feeling I may end up doing both. I know how much I miss Gabbana. Not that I want to replace her but I loved that connection with my dog. So maybe I’ll get her a cat and me a dog LOL.”

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