How To Wash A Duvet: A Simple Step-To-Step Guide

By Lucy Cooper

1st March 2021

Time needed: 1 day.

Having all this time locked in our houses, has forced us to resort to some questionable time-wasting activities. Things we would never have dreamed of doing in ‘normal times’. Like washing our duvets.

It might be at the very bottom of our priorities usually, but Good House Keeping actually recommend washing your duvet every 2-3 months. So, on that note- here’s exactly how to do it…

  1. First, remove the duvet cover

  2. Place duvet into machine

    If you’re having to really cram the duvet into the machine, you should consider taking it to a launderette instead.

  3. Use a delicate wash

  4. Select a cold water cycle

  5. After the wash has completed, run it through the rinse cycle again

    This is to ensure all the detergent is removed from the duvet.

  6. You can then run another rinse cycle, to help remove any excess water from the duvet

  7. Remove and wring out excess water

  8. You can now place it in the dryer

    Synthetic duvets shout be placed on a Low to Medium heat cycle. Down and natural materials can’t withstand high heat, so set these at a Low heat.

  9. Spin until thoroughly dry

    Stop the dryer every 30 mins to flip the duvet so every part is thoroughly dried.

  10. Only put your duvet cover back on when fully dried throughout

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