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By Angie

18th December 2020

There are so many things that we come into contact with every day and really we have no clue how they are really used or what their meanings really are.

Even though it’s not mandatory to know much about everyday objects if you could have the inside scoop on everything you would be able to impress people even with the most simple explanation of why something is the way it is. Some facts would blow people’s minds while others would just be a conversation starter.


But be careful to not look like too much of a know it all. Nobody likes it when you make them look stupid in front of all their friends. So in essence of what we wrote about 25 everyday objects that have meanings or purposes that you had no idea about.

So buckle up and get your reading glasses on because this is going to be a fun one to read. You might want to pull out a notepad and pencil so that you can remember all of this stuff.

Enjoy reading and make sure that you share this one with all of your pals.

1. The beanie and its fluffy bobble.

You may not think much about it but did you know that your favorite beanie actually had a use other than just keeping your head and ears warm when it is cold outside.

Most beanies have a big fluffy bobble on the top of it. This was created by French marines that would be stuck in boats for extended amounts of time. The fluffy bobble was added to soften any blow that they head might take from hitting it on the cabin. Smart invention if you ask me.

2. Those colored lines on the bottom of the tube of toothpaste.

Many people think that those colored lines you see on the toothpaste tube are to identify what kind of toothpaste it is we have sad news for you.

Those lines aren’t actually as exciting as you might have thought. In fact, they are merely there for the machine to know where to cut and fold the tube. Moving on…

3. Chupa Chups lollipop stick use.

You probably loved these flavorful lollipops as a kid and would use the stick to whistle your way through the day. While that might have been a legit use for the stick that’s not what the hole in it was actually for.

That little hole was specifically made for the sole purpose of making it very hard for the hard candy to come off of the stick and choke a kid. I bet you didn’t know that!

4. Those hinge legs on the back of your keyboard.

Although you thought that those legs were to help your hands from getting messed up like some cool ergonomic use they are not there for that at all.

In fact, the hinge legs are really just there for you to see the letters and numbers better. That’s it! What a total bummer!

5. Pants having creases in them.

We have to take you back in time to the 19th century for this one. Back then clothing had to be shipped in those large shipping containers. Because of this reason the clothing manufacturer had to find ways to get the pants to the consumers without having a million wrinkles in them.

That’s when they started to fold them nice and neat. Since then most pants have some kind of folding and crease in them.

6. That diamond shape on the front of your backpack.

Did you think that it was just there for fashion? If you did you were wrong and we are here to tell you what it was actually made for.

The purpose is actually for climbers and hikers to be able to attach a rope through the loop to hold it while they did other things.

7. The hole on the side of those classic ballpoint pens.

Even though you thought that the hole was just there for no reason you are mistaken.

In fact, that hole was designed to help the ink flow smoothly. It works by allowing the right amount of airflow into the ink chamber.

8. The spaghetti spoon.

That hole in the middle of your spaghetti spoon is not just there to let water through. No, it actually has a genius use and I bet you had no idea.

That hole is specifically there for you to measure one serving of raw spaghetti noodles. This is great because no longer do you have to know how much noodles to cook for your guests.

9. That blue eraser.

No, unfortunately, that eraser that you thought for sure was to erase pen is not made for that at all.

That blue eraser is made for erasing pencil marks on graph paper. I’m sorry to ruin your childhood beliefs. Moving on…

10. Getting your ketchup to come out of that ketchup bottle.

Have you ever had a problem getting out the right amount of ketchup from those glass ketchup jars?

I think we all have! Did you know that if you tap on the 57 the bottle is supposed to dispense the perfect amount of ketchup for your salty fries?

11. The tab at the bottom of your rear view mirror.

Although the tab works great for hanging your air freshener or dice that’s not what it was made for at all.

The tab is made the flip between day and night mode. It helps so that the glare from the car behind you doesn’t blind you.

12. Getting the right amount of tic tacs.

Have you ever had a problem getting just one tic tac? But they taste so good, right?

Worry no longer! That little spot on the lid was made to catch just one tic-tac when tipped over. Did you know this?

13. The headrest in your vehicle.

Although the main reason you have this item in your car is pretty obvious. But there is a hidden use for these that you might need to save your life one day.

If ever you get into an accident and can’t get out of the car take the headrest off of break the window with the metal legs.

14. The metal gauge at the top of the gas pump.

Even though those look like some kind of measuring device it actually has only one use and it’s not to measure anything.

If you ever forget to take the pump out of your gas tank and then drive off this is where the hose will detach preventing the whole things from coming apart and exploding. I’m sure glad those are there now!

15. The lid of those plastic cups.

You might think they are just a lid but they actually have a much better use.

If you take the lid off you can use it to place your drink on like a coaster. GENIUS!

16. The truth about your panties.

There is a law about what kind of material can be used in underwear. Specifically, it needs to be a softer material than the rest of the product where it actually touches your private regions.

That’s where you may have noticed a small pocket in your underwear. No, it was not made to put your money in!

17. That punt of the bottle.

This one we had no idea what it was actually made for until now. That indent at the bottom of your wine bottle is called the punt.

The punt is there to help the bottle stay balanced and able to stand up straight.

18. The little hole in your padlock.

Growing up I always thought this is where the lock could be picked from.

But actually, it is only for you to oil up the lock when it starts to get a little rusty and old. Who would have known?

19. The tab on your soda can.

No, it was not created to break off and then launch across the room at some target. Although that was fun that’s not the proper use at all.

If you spin it around you can use it to hold your straw in place. Who would have known!

20. The plastic on the inside of your soda cap.

Although we remember this as where to see if we won something but actually the real use for this is much different.

That little plastic disc is actually used to keep the beverage from going flat. Well, we are sure happy they figured this one out.

21. That little tiny hole in your iPhone next to your camera.

Have you even noticed that it was there?

Well, it is a microphone. It turns out that the new iphones have about 5 microphones on them.

22. Those buttons on your plastic lid.

No, those are not braille for blind people!

Those buttons are actually to help you identify what kind of soda you have.

23. The shape of your beer bottle.

The neck of the beer bottle has a two-fold use.

The first use is pretty obvious, it makes it easier to hold. The second is to help keep the beer cold even when you are holding it.

24. Ice cream scoop handle colors.

Have you ever noticed that most ice cream scoops come in different colors?

They are like that to help you know what size the scoop is.

25. The loop on the back of your shirt.

This one has two uses as well. The first is to hang the shirt up.

The second was actually something that guys did a long time ago. They would cut it off if they were already seeing someone. Who would have ever known?

26. Using tennis balls for almost anything.

I personally like the use as a key holder, so innovative!

Thanks for reading!

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