11 Things Every Brit Does On Christmas Eve

By Lucy Cooper

15th December 2020

There are a lot of worldwide Christmas traditions- Santa comes, he brings presents for the children, everyone gets merry and has a blast. But, each country has developed their own weird and wonderful festive traditions, that makes Christmas special to them. For example, did you know that a tradition in Japan is to have a KFC for their Christmas dinner?

Here in England, we’ve also got our own little traditions that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of year. You might not do all of these, but I’m sure you’ll relate to most…

So, here’s 11 of our favourites that we absolutely love…

1. Buys last minute presents

Those people who can plan in advance of the last weekend before Christmas are serious miracle workers. Even if you feel like you’re quite prepared I can guarantee there’s a few things you’ve forgotten about and a last minute shop will be on the cards. You can never buy enough gifts, can you?

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