10 British Christmas Traditions That Confuse The Rest Of The World

By Lucy Cooper

10th December 2020

Us Brits really have a lot of random things that we love that the rest of the world simply doesn’t get. We can all agree that every country across the world has their own traditions. Some that we love the thought of and others that we simply don’t agree with.

But, when you are from a country you forget that the ‘norms’ to you are completely bizarre to other people that aren’t from where you are.

In the UK, we probably think we’re fairly normal and go about day to day life as we please. But, the likes of Afternoon tea and drowning our chips in cheese, curry and gravy seem absolutely bizarre to outsiders!

Here are 21 British traditions that really confused the rest of the world… enjoy!

1. Going to watch a pantomime with some weird celeb appearances

How weird that every single pantomime up and down the country, never mind how big or small, they always get weird and random to celebs to star in their programmes. They LOVE getting old soap stars on the show, don’t they?

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