Funny Rumours That Went Round All Schools

By Emma Moylan

20th November 2020

Bloody Mary in the haunted school toilets? Sunny D turning children yellow? Rumours of all sorts spread like wildfire around primary schools.

Not that we ever believed them of course. We just aired on the side of caution when it came to Bloody Mary… Why risk it?

No matter where you’re from, you’re bound to have heard some of these weird school rumours…

Sunny D Turned A Child Yellow

It didn’t put us off drinking it, though. If anything, we wanted to drink as much as possible to try and turn ourselves into a Simpson. It is actually claimed that a child in Wales did turn yellow from drinking Sunny D, but it was probably due to a product called “Carotene” found in the drink. The same thing would have happened if you drank a crazy amount of carrot juice.

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