Molly Mae's Curl Kit: All The Reasons Why You Need It

By Caitlin Tweddle

26th November 2020

Molly Mae’s Curl Kit: All The Reasons Why You Need It

Molly-Mae is one of Love Island‘s most successful contestants after leaving the villa.

At only 21 years old, she has created an incredibly successful career, including brand deals, famous giveaways, and her very own hair curl kit. She has also experienced her fair share of virality of late. Here is everything you need to know about Molly-Mae, her life, and her business endeavours.

molly mae curl kit

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Her Time In The Villa…

Molly Mae Hague was a contestant in the fifth season of Love Island, broadcast in 2019. She coupled up with the ripped boxer Tommy Fury and left the competition as a runner up with him. Unlike many of the couples that found love on the show, the pair are still happily together, posting pictures of each other on their social media accounts frequently.

Tommy Fury may have previously had a name for himself before going into the villa because of his famous brother, heavyweight Tyson Fury. But his romance with Molly-Mae that graced our screens last summer has thrown him further into the limelight.


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One day at a time✔️

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The couple received 25 percent of the audience’s vote, coming second to Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea. After flying home from the villa, Molly-Mae has launched a highly successful career. She has proved herself to be one of the most successful contestants from the show, despite being a runner up.

Her relationship with Tommy…

She found love with Tommy Fury on our television screens, and the young couple are still together. They live together in a gorgeous flat in Manchester. They’ve been together for nearly 18 months but they still seem besotted with each other.


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Little surprise spa day for him🤍

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They narrowly missed out on the £50k grand prize on Love Island, but unlike winners Amer Gill and Greg O’Shea, they are still completely loved up. So who are the real winners here?

Launching Her Career With PLT…

Only a couple of months after returning home from the Love Island villa, Miss Hague was announced as the new face for Pretty Little Thing. She received a whopping £500k to become an ambassador of the brand-the highest amount any of that year’s islanders had been paid at the time.

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In August 202o, she made the headlines after signing a massive six-figure sum to continue working with PLT for another six months. She faced criticism for this move, as the company were facing allegations of slavery at the time. Boo Hoo Group, were facing an investigation after an undercover reporter alleged they were paying their staff in Leicester a measly £3.50 an hour.

The 21 year old was already worth an estimated £2 million alongside boyfriend Tommy. To think she is already making brand deals of that value at such a young age is impressive. Following in the footsteps of Little Mix, Maya Jama, and the Kardashian sisters, she is definitely building a career for herself.

Social Media Influencer…

Molly-Mae has an impressive following on her social media accounts. Her Instagram account has almost 5 million followers. She left Love Island with over 2 million followers, beating Dani Dyer and becoming the most popular contestant of all time. Although her Twitter has far less followers with 280 thousands people consuming her content, she clearly still has a massive reach.


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Baby blu😇 PLT is special to me because we’re like one big family #PLTgotYou @prettylittlething AD

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Her huge following has given Molly-Mae plenty of opportunities. Her Instagram features many collaborations between Miss Hague and companies like Ego Official, Cosmetips, and Oh Polly. Of course, her feed also has plenty of Pretty Little Thing content too, as part of her work as a brand ambassador.

The 21 year old posts often, with lots of stunning shots of her in both casual wear as well as in more glamorous outfits. Despite posting so frequently, she still manages to amass hundreds of thousands of likes on every photo. To have that much influence over so many people at such a young age is a massive responsibility. It is clear she takes her job seriously.

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YouTube Career…

If reality TV and mega brand deals weren’t enough, Molly-Mae has continued to build her name on social media. Her YouTube channel has an incredible 1.34 million subscribers, with her videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

Her channel features a wide range of lifestyle and beauty content. Clothes hauls, vlogs, makeup tutorials, and travel videos all appear, as well as content filmed with Tommy. Many of her videos receive millions of views, showing that she’s successful at a broad range of things.


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Miss Hague combines her work on YouTube with her other work too. She often documents her work life to share with her fans. Behind the scenes footage of her photo shoots, tutorials on how she edits her Insta posts, and most recently how she landed her dream job working with Starbucks are all examples of how she combines both sides of her work.

Molly-Mae’s Curl Kit

Miss Hague has also collabed with Beauty Works to create a hair curling kit. The limited edition kit was a massive hit, and was recently restocked due to popular demand.

The limited edition pink curling wand includes a triple barrel wave iron, 10 pin curling clips, a vegan hair brush, and a heat protecting glove-everything you need to make the perfect curls. It even comes with a gorgeous travel case, making it easy to take on those weekends away with the girls. It is available to buy at for just £89. The beauty works professional styler is suitable for natural hair and hair extensions too. It makes the perfect gift set just in time for Christmas too!

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Miss Hague has also released a limited edition waver kit to make those perfect beachy waves that she is famous for. Ideal for both shorter and longer hair, The Waver enables you to make a beautiful ‘mermaid mane’ in a matter of minutes. Similar to the Curl Kit, the ceramic coated barrels come in a handy travel case, with a Beach Wave comb, and 8 flat, no-crease clips. The kit prevents frizz, and creates a gorgeous shine, making it easier than ever to replicate Molly-Mae’s signature waves.

Like the curl kit, Molly-Mae’s wave kit is also available at for £89.

Recent Virality…

Molly-Mae has been at the centre of a couple mini-controversies recently. Taking to her Insta to voice her opinions has ended with back-lash from a large number of people across social media platforms.


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Passionate from miles away

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Earlier this month, Molly-Mae took a trip to Venice. While it seemed she enjoyed her trip away, she wasn’t blown away by the food. Taking to her Insta story, the blonde beauty slammed Italy’s cuisine, describing it as ‘grim’ and ‘actually shocking’. Posting a photo of herself holding an ice cream cone, she wrote:

“I absolutely loved Venice but one thing I will say about Italy in general….. The food is actually shocking? So controversial I know but I’ve been a lot of times now to different parts and I’ve tried a lot of different restaurants and I’m always so disappointed. It’s meant to be the home of pizza and pasta and I really can’t see how! Strange

Even this ice cream was grim!”

Molly Mae curl kit

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Addressing The Backlash…

Many people were shocked at her hot-take. Molly-Mae famously went viral last year after cooking boyfriend Tommy a Sunday roast, which people criticised as being painfully bland. Tommy had to defend his sweetheart, saying it was the nicest thing someone had done for him. Lots referenced back to this while criticising Molly-Mae’s opinions on an entire country’s cuisine.

Molly-Mae had to take to her Insta stories again to apologise for any offence caused. In the video she said:

“My DM’s are going wild with this food Italy thing. Sorry if I offended anyone, it’s just my experience. Everyone’s like, ‘You only tried the touristy restaurants’, like no, I actually tried all different kinds like rural restaurants.

I got recommended to go to these traditional Italian restaurants that are meant to serve the best pizza and pasta, and again, I just wasn’t impressed and it’s not me being ungrateful, I had the best time, it’s just my experience of the food”


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Fallen in love with Venice🕊

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It’s definitely bold of Molly-Mae to criticise a country with perhaps the greatest food in the world. That being said, she received a LOT of backlash for what was ultimately just her opinions and experiences.

That’s Not All…

If that wasn’t enough, Molly-Mae went viral for expressing her opinions again only a week later. She ventured to the cinema to see the new horror movie Saint Maud which was released at the beginning of October. The Love Island star shared her views on the film to her Insta followers saying:

“Traumatised at how terrible that film was. It’s called Saint Maud. Not one part made sense. Highly upset”

The film has had a generally positive reception, so yet again Miss Hague has found herself in the minority. Describing herself as “traumatised” and “highly upset” at how bad the film was does seem to be rather dramatic. She yet again found herself to be widely criticised on social media, which is probably in part due to her earlier comments about her time in Venice.

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After her opinions on Italy’s food were so widely dissected by people, Miss Hague actually took to Twitter to talk about it. While she is definitely used to the limelight, it’s important to remember that she is a 21 year old woman, and even if her opinions are a bit rogue sometimes, she doesn’t deserve to be hurled with abuse.

Who knows what the next thing that will make her go viral will be.

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