How Old Is Dr Hilary?

By Tharmini Kenas

26th November 2020

How Old Is Dr Hilary?

Dr Hilary Jones is a television sweetheart who is well-liked by every British household. The coronavirus pandemic outbreak had made him more popular as he dishes out advice and recommendations to stay safe and healthy during the social distancing and lockdown period. 

Recently, Dr Hilary’s fans and followers found out his age on a television interview and they simply could not believe their ears. Suffice to say, the doctor does not look the number. How old is Dr Hilary? 

Sneak Peek Into Dr Hilary’s Mindblowing Background

How old is Dr Hilary

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Dr Hilary Robert Jones is a general practitioner, presenter and writer. He is no stranger to media appearances. He first qualified as a medical doctor in 1976 and continues his service till date as a part-time practitioner at the National Health Service (NHS). 

One of his great achievements is making medical information easily accessible to the public through social media platforms and media. For instance, he features in health advice videos and hosts ‘Twitter Clinics’. 

Apart from that, he also writes articles for the Careline Service TeleCare24’s blog on issues such as epilepsy, cancer, and dementia. 

From Doctor To Broadcaster And Writer


His first taste of television was in 1989 with TV-am and then he was featured regularly on GMTV since 1993 as its health and medical advisor. Starting from 2010, when GMTV was replaced by Daybreak and Lorraine, he continued to work as Health Editor. 

Later, in 2014 Daybreak was replaced with Good Morning Britain and Dr Hilary joined the show as well. His tasks comprise reporting the latest health news and educating the public about health issues. 

Apart from that, Dr Hilary had also written a few books. Some of the books are: 

  1. I’m Too Busy to be Stressed: How to Recognise and Relieve the Symptoms of Stress 
  2. Total Wellbeing: The Whole Treatment for the Whole You – An Integrated Approach to Health 
  3. Doctor, What’s the Alternative? All You Need to Know About Complementary Therapies 
  4. A Change for the Better: How to Survive and Thrive During the Menopause 
  5. What’s Up Doc? 
  6. A Day in Your Life: 24 Hours Inside the Human Body 

Most Importantly, How Old Is Dr Hilary? 


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In a Good Morning Britain show, Dr Hilary revealed his age and left everyone including Piers Morgan shocked! 

How old is Dr Hilary? He is 67 years old! He even said that, 

 “I’m in the vulnerable group nearly.”

In response to the revelation, Piers Morgan said. 

“You’re not 67. Are you really 67? You look about 10 years younger than me.”

On the other hand, his colleague Lorraine Kelly was also shocked when she found out that Dr Hilary is 67 years old! 

“You can’t be 67…it’s ridiculous!”

“I can’t believe your age.”

How Did His Fans React After Knowing How Old Is Dr Hilary?

Understandably, his fans could not fathom the fact that the young-looking doctor was already 67 years old. There’s another impressive number about him that you need to know too! Dr Hilary’s net worth will surely impress you! 

“I fail to believe that Dr Hilary is 67 today. Man looks incredible!!”

“67 omg how can you still look so hot at that age I need to see your birth certificate happy birthday Dr Hilary”.

“I cannot believe Dr Hilary is 67 he looks great and many more birthdays and thank you for all your fantastic advice.”

Amazingly, the doctor was not only praised for his looks, but he was also praised for being a good doctor. 

“Happy birthday Dr Hilary, you’ve given us all some great advice over the years and especially through this strange time of lockdown.”

Moving On From How Old Is Dr Hilary To His Wife 


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Dr Hilary is married to his third wife Dee Thresher since 2016. They worked together on GMTV’s Bikini Diet segment in 2008 and had a platonic relationship as Dr Hilary was still committed to his second wife. However, things changed soon after. 

According to Dee, 

“I was the GMTV fitness expert helping people get in shape for summer and he was the doctor giving health advice. We were filming in Spain and really got on. A year later we were both at a friend’s wedding, re-connected and we’ve been together ever since.”

Surprisingly, Dee is also famous and talented in her field as a personal trainer. She had designed workouts in workout DVDs of Natalie Cassidy, Charlie Brooks and Letitia Dean. 

Now, what does Dee think of Dr Hilary’s charming young look?

“I love that people are admiring his looks. Good for him. He’s 67 and still turning heads.”

“Of course I think he’s very attractive and he’s such a lovely man. He is charming and caring.”

Dr Hilary’s Kids From His Previous Marriages…


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Dr Hilary was first married to Anne Marie Vives and the couple have two sons Tristan and Sebastian. Then, he married Sarah Harvey and the couple have twins Samantha and Rupert, and son Dylan.

Between them, Dr Hilary and Dee have eight children and at least three grandchildren. Despite the recent amazement surrounding how old is Dr Hilary and how young he looks, he loves being a grandparent. 

“It’s lovely being a grandparent, I’m sure we’ll have more.”

Surely, the couple is deeply in love and are enjoying their lives together in their quirky house in Kent. 

“It’s a nightmare for decorating, but we just love the house.” 

“I’m pretty good at maintenance, I’ve always got a project on.”

“Dee does all the cooking though because I don’t really go in the kitchen! She’s Cypriot and cooks some wonderful dishes.”

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