Hermine Leaves The Great British Bake Off

By Cara Dudgeon

18th November 2020

Hermine has left The Great British Bake Off

Image Source/ My London

The baker exited the show during an up and down Pâtisserie Week, narrowly missing out on a spot in the final of the Channel 4 baking show.

She said:

‘I believe everything has a reason. It was the right time for me’.

Hermine also penned a heartfelt letter to ‘Bake Off’s fans.

She wrote:

‘What a summer 2020 has been!! When I left my house that Tuesday morning in November 2019 (feels like the 1800s looking back!!!), never did I imagine that I will be filling a GBBO form. Looking back, I am so glad I was encouraged to do so.

‘It has been an absolute privilege to have made it to the tent and to have baked alongside 11 fantastic bakers each with their own strength. The camaraderie was amazing. The friendship meant that although it was a competition, I always felt I was competing against my better self. Never against the other bakers. I bake from the heart and all I wanted to do was put a smile on the judges face with my bakes and every week as they enjoyed my flavours, it filled my heart with so much joy’.

And Hermine also wrote a message of encouragement for others.

She added:

‘Never let your fear come between you and the things you could achieve. It is ok to try new things, to be silly every now and then and to laugh at your own silly self. It does not make you any less reliable and dependable as a person. Yet it is liberating for your soul’.

Peter – who was named Star Baker during this week’s show – will now join Laura and Dave in the final, to fight to be crowned the winner of the 2020 series.

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