Best And Worst Jobs You Could Get In School

By Juliet Smith

19th November 2020

Let’s face it – no matter where you went, primary school was pretty tame. Unlike the brutal fights, dramatic relationships and stressful exams of high school, our primary times are filled with memories of birthday sweets, Christmas productions and harvest festival songs.

Let’s take a look back at some of the best and worst jobs we were given by our teachers…

Taking The Register Back To The Office

Nothing made you feel more respected by your peers and teachers than being selected to take the register back to the office. The kids of today won’t believe us, but before things went online, you had to actually WALK down to the office to hand over the piece of paper than confirmed who was present or who was skiving that day.

Of course, you took your time to deliver it, bagging a few extra cheeky little minutes of freedom before reluctantly returning to the classroom…

Image Source/The Guardian

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