Jose Mourinho Wife: Who Is Matilde Faria?

By Juliet Smith

12th October 2020

Jose Mourinho Wife: Who Is Matilde Faria?

Jose Mourinho is one of the most recognisable faces in the world, but his wife has managed to keep her personal life private for their 30 years of marriage.

We’re taking a look at the happy marriage of Matilde and Jose who met when they were kids…

 Mourinho with wife Matilde Faria (right)
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Who Is Jose Mourinho’s Wife Matilde Faria?

Jose met his now-wife Matilde – nicknamed Tami – when they were just teenagers in Setubal, Portugal. The childhood sweethearts went on to marry in 1989, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary last year.

Mourinho has a reputation for being a devoted family guy, previously admitting that ‘most important thing [in my life] is my family and being a good father’.

And when it coms to his successful career, it seems that his wife has played a huge role in it. Tami has previously convinced the football manager to reject the England managerial role.

Mourinho revealed:

“Lampard, Terry, Joe Cole, everybody, was saying, ‘Come, come, come.

“My players said, ‘The guys from Manchester United and Liverpool call us and say to us: Tell your boss to come.’ I had lots of positive things to push me.

“My wife told me not to take it and she was right.

“It was the right decision. We are talking about seven years ago … and I cannot wait two years for a big competition. I cannot be spending two years playing against Kazakhstan and San Marino.

“And she was right. It was not the job for me seven years ago, it’s not the job for me now and I don’t think it will be the job for me in seven years’ time. Maybe in 15 years from now but not seven.”

Mourinho also said of his wife:

The secret in everything is love. If you are successful in any job, I believe it is because you are in love with that job.

“And if you have a successful family it is because people are in love with each other. Love is the basic.”

How Many Children Do They Have?

The happy couple have two kids together, a daughter Matilde, who was born in 1996 and a son Jose Mari Jr, born in 2000. In 2013, the now 57 year old got his wife’s nickname Tami and his kid’s names tattooed on his arm – adorable!

Jose Mourinho wife

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Have They Ever Split?

Like any couple in the public eye, there’s been a few rumours of a split between the two, after Jose appeared on Sky Sports without his wedding ring. But he quickly dismissed rumours and said he simply forgot to wear the ring that day.

The incident happened 11 months after it was revealed that Jose had a secret best friend – a blonde who is 14 years younger than him. However, it seems that the pair really are just friends.

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