Dunelm Door Mat: Stylish And Affordable For Your Door Steps

By Tharmini Kenas

2nd October 2020

Dunelm Door Mat: Stylish And Affordable For Your Door Step

Home decor covers a multitude of things ranging from the bedroom furniture, living room colour scheme, curtains and floorings. However, it is also paramount to focus on the small things that can leave a significant impact on your home vibe. 

Small aspects such as door mat, table, dressing table, and laundry basket are pivotal to exude the perfect vibe to your space and hence, it is high time you focus on one of the most important elements of your home. The door mat is often placed right at the entrance of your home and understandably, it requires special attention. 

Apparently, it is crucial to choose a door mat that is of high quality, anti slip and aesthetically pleasing. Dunelm door mat collection comes with stylish yet affordable door mats for your door steps! 

Scroll Half Moon Rubber Doormat – £5

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

The half moon rubber doormat is perfect if you are looking for artsy design and functionality at a very affordable price. Remarkably, the door mat is made from 100% rubber and is mould-resistant making it a practical option for outdoor usage. 

Jute Border Natural Doormat – £7

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

If you are all out for natural products, you are in for a treat as this Dunelm door mat is made from natural fibres. Naturally coloured, it comes with a chunky jute texture and handwoven with a plain design that makes it highly appealing to the eyes and is remarkably durable. 

Marvel Half Circle Washable Mat – £10

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

Just like its name suggests, the Marvel mat is truly marvellous in more than one way as firstly, it can absorb up to three times its own weight in water. Next, it is an eco-friendly product as it is made from recycled materials comprising recycled plastic bottles. 

Apart from these amazing qualities, it is also anti-slip, scratch resistant, and offers noise and echo insulation. Conveniently, you can wash it using the washing machine at a low temperature instead of going through a complicated laundry process for mats. 

Marvel Mats Washable Doormat – £10 – £30

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

Similar to all other Marvel mats from the Dunelm door mat collection, this highly durable mat easily traps dirt, dust, and mud at your doorstep with its super absorbent recycled runner. Interestingly, it comes with a lasting anti-slip backing that ensures the runner stays in place. 

Moreover, its unique material composition comprising recycled plastic bottles helps to reduce noise and echo and hence, making it very suitable for high traffic areas. Astonishingly, great reviews from users are enough proof that the mat does wonders. 

One of the users commented that the mat is of amazing quality, it’s effortless to keep it clean, it came with very accurate measurements and most importantly, it was delivered to the user in a timely manner. 

Incredibly, the user also highly recommended the product to other homeowners and if you are looking for something sturdy and effective, the Marvel mats washable doormat is indeed a sensible choice. 

Marvel Washable Heart Mat – £12 – £24

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

The Marvel washable heart mat will spark joy every time you enter your house with all its hearts perfectly lined up in neat orders.  

Apart from pleasing the eyes, the mat is also functionally superior. Notably, it can absorb up to three times its own weight in water, helps reduce impact noise and echo, non-slip and non-scratch, stains can be washed out easily, and impressively, it is made using plastic bottles making it an eco-friendly product! 

Marvel Dahlia Washable Mat – £12

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

If you want some colour and patterns to brighten up your day, this doormat with dahlias on it will definitely light up your day.  

Importantly, it functions as well as it looks. The mat is highly water absorbent, eco-friendly, resistant to scratch, anti-slip, and minimises noise and echo. 

Scrape N’ Sorb Brown Crossstitch Doormat – £12

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

Looking elegant in a cross-stitch pattern in brown tones, this door mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Fascinatingly, the mat is highly absorbent and fade-resistant. As a result, you would not need to replace it for a long time! 

Marvel Shaggy Washable Runner – £18 – £49

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

This mat is nothing but comfort to your feet! With its soft shaggy pile, you can use it anywhere in the house to create a comfortable space or nook. 

Additionally, the mat comes in three sizes which are Small 60cm x 100cm (24″ x 39″), Medium 80cm x 120cm (31″ x 47″), and Large 100cm x 150cm (39″ x 59″). Therefore, you can choose your mat according to your decor plans and the size of your space. 

Please Wipe Your Paws Brown Door Mat – £49

Dunelm door mat

Image Source/Dunelm

This is a perfect door mat for pet lovers. Puppies and their owners will find this mat highly useful! 

Notwithstanding, if you don’t have any pets at home, this mat would still make for a great door mat due to its impeccable quality! 

Besides scrubbing the dirt from the paws of your furry kids, the mat also protects against dirts and muds from boots and shoes. Expectedly, you do not have to run after your naughty furry kids to clean their paws anymore. 

Order Dunelm Door Mat Now And Enjoy A Cleaner House 

You can choose to visit Dunelm’s store and get the door mat of your choice in a safe environment. You will be required to wear a face mask and the number of people in the shop will be limited to adhere to the pandemic regulations. Frequent sanitisation and screened till points are other measures that will add to your safety while you shop.  


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