Darby Ward: Singing Career, Breast Surgery, And Relationship

By Tharmini Kenas

8th October 2020

Darby Ward: Singing Career, Breast Surgery And Relationship

The eldest daughter of ITV show’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward and former Manchester City footballer Ashley Ward is a celebrity herself. Darby Ward is a singer-songwriter and has performed at various stages to date. 

Apart from her massive social media following and breast surgery controversies, there are a lot of inspiring things that the young and aspiring artists can learn from her. 

More about Darby Ward and snippets of her life! 

Who Is Darby Ward? 

Darby Ward

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Darby’s Instagram following is 211k while her Twitter has 28.5k followers. It is no surprise that the very talented country singer is well-liked by her fans. Some of her hits are ‘Give Love A Try‘, ‘The Hills,’ ‘Let It Go,’ and ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off’.

Apparently, the 24-year-old is also collaborating with big names in the entertainment industry! 

Interestingly, she has a unique songwriting process. 

“It changes every time! Sometimes we start with chords or a riff and build a melody then lyrics. In others we build around an idea of a top line! It all depends on the day and the people I’m working with in the studio as to how it creatively comes together!”

Fun Fact: Some of her music idols are Christina Aguilera, Post Malone, The 1975, RAYE, George Ezra and Beyoncé. 

Her Advise To Aspiring Artists…


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“When I started out doing music I had a vision of one type of music I wanted to sing and could write. I was advised and pushed into different scenarios that broadened my horizons and made me appreciate different styles of music, as well making me more flexible as a writer! 

“After a few years of travelling around from studio to studio I have gained more of an open approach to a constant developing sound and style for my own Artist Project. So I would advise that people have an open approach to trying new sounds and switching things up. 

“Without losing sight of what’s true to yourself and your vision you set out to create!”

Moving On From Her Thriving Career To Her Breast Surgery Controversy…


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When she was 21 years old, Darby decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure to enhance her breasts. Amazingly, her family supported her and helped her go through the surgery. Unfortunately, many others were quick to judge and lashed out against Darby and her family. 

But, the young singer stood through it all! 

“I’ve been sat back and not really said much in regards to the media attention and comments… I was shocked at the level this went to and understand that people have their opinion…but this is my body and my decision!

“There’s been certain people that have made a real effort to voice their opinion on this, despite not really having the grounds to speak or an educational response.

“I’m a big believer that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves.”

Too Bad, Even Her Mum Was Criticized Regarding The Surgery…

Darby Ward

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Apparently, Darby and her sister Taylor Ward talked about the intention to get breast surgery with their mum Dawn and dad Ashley around their dinner table. 

When she appeared on Loose Women, Dawn shared that, 

“Everything we do we do as a family, I’m very fortunate that my girls always come to me for advice, my daughters are 21 and 19, they are very mature, very strong women which is how I brought them up and how I was brought up.”

However, Dawn had to endure some harsh questioning from the panellist of Loose Women. One of its presenters, Saira Khan asked, 

“Your daughters have been brought up around glamorous women, you’re very glamorous yourself, do you think it’s normalisation?”

“But where does it stop though? They’re 21 and they’ve had fillers and a boob job – I’m not making a judgement but…”


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Darby’s fans were quick to come to her rescue, but Dawn and Darby were pretty confident themselves to talk about the surgery and to face all the judgements that came their way. 

Next On The Agenda Is Darby Ward’s Relationship Status! 

Just last year, Darby got engaged to her soul mate Michael, 38 when they were holidaying on the French Riviera. 

Michael Corrado Jackson is the owner of Mr Whippy ice cream in the United Arab Emirates. 

The couple announced their engagement on social media and evidently, they were over the moon! 

According to Michael, 

“The absolute happiest man on the planet. I asked my soul mate to marry me and she said… My words ‘Darby your the most amazing person on this planet. I want to be with you always in this life and our next lives. I love you always, you’re my everything… will you MARRY ME?!?!’… she said YES!!!!!!!”

Following the romantic proposal, the couple hosted an engagement party to celebrate the good news with their friends and family at Mottram Hall. 

Expectedly, it was a reality stars filled party! Some of the attendees were Perla Navia, Rachel Lugo, Lauren Simon, Royston Blythe, Nick Malenko, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Dawson, Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland, just to name a few. 

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