Nicola Adams 'Asks To Wear A Trouser Suit' On Strictly Come Dancing

By Cara Dudgeon

14th September 2020

Nicola Adams wants to wear a trouser suit on Strictly Come Dancing, according to an insider

Image Source/ Evening Standard

The 37-year-old boxer – who is set to form the show’s first-ever same-sex couple – has asked ‘Strictly’ bosses if she can to wear a trouser suit on the dance floor.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper:

‘Anyone who knows Nicola will be aware that her wardrobe consists of jeans and trousers so it would be really unnatural for her to wear a dress.

‘As far as the ‘Strictly’ bosses are concerned, it’s a personal choice and they want her to feel comfortable taking part. The costume department is famous for pulling out all the stops and thinking outside the box. They’ve got lots of ideas for themes and will be sure to incorporate some sparkle into her trouser suits.

‘Nicola knows sequins come as part of the ‘Strictly’ package. She is more than grateful that the producers are making her feel relaxed’.

Nicola previously revealed she asked to be paired with a female professional.

And the Olympic gold medalist – who is dating model Ella Baig, 22 – is already looking forward to her time on ‘Strictly’.

She said:

‘They wanted to know if I wanted to be on the show and I said, “Yeah, I’ll do it, but I want to dance with another female.”

‘It’s really important, and it’s a big step for the show as well. It’s nice to see that we’re able to move on.

‘I just can’t wait to get some dancing done’.

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