Groovy Chick Merch We All Had

By Amelia Slater

3rd September 2020

Groovy Chick Merch We All Had

Bang on the door’s iconic Groovy Chick was the image of a ’90s kid’s childhood. This quirky, stripy, flare-rocking cartoon girl was plastered on literally EVERYTHING we owned; bedsheets, lunchboxes, roller skates, socks, t-shirts…you name it, she was on it!

What Groovy Chick merch did you have cluttering up your room? We’re willing to bet you had at least ONE of these items…

1. Groovy Chick Bag

A Groovy Chick across-the-shoulder bag was absolutely perfect to take to school or for any short trips away with friends or family! Chic and practical, we loved it!

Image Source: /depop

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