After Life Netflix: The Best Bits

By Juliet Smith

16th September 2020

After Life Netflix: The Best Bits

The latest series of After Life dropped during lockdown leaving us laughing, crying and completely blown away.

The hit series written, produced and acted by Ricky Gervais tells the story of Tony, a journalist, as he battles with grief, loss and heartbreak at the death of his beloved wife.

Whilst the tale is one of loss, the show’s not all tears and sadness; there’s moments of side-splitting hilarity and poignancy.

Here are a few of the best After Life (Netflix) moments that stand out as particularly significant…

1. When The Postman Is Having A Bath At Tony’s 

After asking Tony if he can use the toilet, the postman manages to make himself at home pretty quickly. Tony opens the door to check up on him to find him lounging in a relaxing bubble bath.

Image Source/Wales Online

2. When Lenny Told Tony He Has A “Very High Sex Drive”

Tony’s work colleague and friend Lenny visits different homes to interview people for the paper. Although the stories are new really up to much, the newspaper works because ‘locals love local news’.

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Image Source/Daily Express

Things get downright ridiculous for the pair as they visit a home where a teenage boy plays the recorder with his nose. Lenny and the teenager’s mother (June) hit it off and arrange to meet up.

Whilst Tony believes that the exchange was entirely inappropriate, Lenny revealed he couldn’t help himself because he has a “very high sex drive,” to which Tony responded, “never say those words again.”

3. When Tony Ate His Nephew’s Lunch

Tony’s brother-in-law Matt asks him to babysit his son George for a few hours. Although Tony doesn’t really like kids, thinking they’re ‘pathetic’, he has a soft spot for his nephew.

Tony ends taking his nephew to a local cafe to grab some lunch and as Tony’s not feeling hungry, he decided to order something small, something from the kids’ section.

As the waitress gives him a hard time about ordering something from the kids’ menu, he decides to order two kid meals and gives them both to George, before quickly eating one as the waitress looks on in disgust.

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