9 Playground Games We All Remember From Primary School

By Amelia Slater

1st September 2020

Ah we look back fondly on the good ol’ days at Primary School; where the biggest concern we had was who had the nicest lunchbox and the best snacks.

Here are some of the most iconic playground games that only ’90s kids and beyond will truly understand…

1. Duck Duck Goose

‘Duck Duck Goose’ was one of the most well-known games us kids used to play. The game worked by everyone sitting together in a circle – these were the ‘ducks’ – and one person would go round tapping everyone on the head and naming them either a ‘duck’ or ‘goose’. If you were named a goose, you then had to chase the person who nominated you round the circle.

If you managed to tag them before they sat back in their spot in the circle, you’d avoid being the next picker and the original goose would have to do another round. If you didn’t tag them before they sat down, you’d become the goose and the process continues.

Intense stuff!

Image Source: /Star Tribune

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