This Is What The Biggest Viral Stars Look Like Now! playbuzzelement

By Gabby

18th August 2020

 “In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes.” 

Well thanks to the internet, this might actually be true! 

On that note, we thought it would be interesting to dig up the past and uncover what some of the most popular internet stars look like now…

King Curtis (Wife Swap star) – THEN

You remember King Curtis don’t you? The seven-year-old Wife Swap star who convinced us that eating bacon was actually good for us? That’s the one! He’s that chicken-nugget-loving kid who took the internet by storm after appearing on Wife Swap back in 2009.

Welder Curtis – NOW

Well it looks like 19-year-old King Curtis has put his 15-minutes (or rather, three days worth) of fame in his rear-view mirror.

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