Teddy Osborne: Dan Osborne’s Son with Ex Megan Tomlin

By Sam Pointon

7th August 2020

Teddy Osborne: Dan Osborne’s Son with Ex Megan Tomlin

It’s no secret that Dan Osborne has a dramatic relationship with both ex Megan Tomlin and current(ish!) partner Jacqueline Jossa. How do Megan and Dan handle co-parenting their son Teddy Osborne? How has the reality star handled all the dramatic rumours that plague him and his family?

Plus, you’ll be amazed at how many other TOWIE co-stars Mr. Osborne has managed to date!

Teddy Osborne and Dan Osborne
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Who is Teddy Osborne’s Dad?

Mr Osborne is a British TV personality, best known for his time on The Only Way is Essex (2013-2015).

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Dan also appeared on Series 22 of Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, finishing in commendable third place.

Dan Big Brother
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The reality star became a father to Teddy Osborne in 2013, while he was in a relationship with Megan Tomlin.

Dan and Teddy Osborne
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Sadly, the relationship didn’t last and there was plenty of drama going on between the pair. In fact, this only became worse when Dan quickly began a relationship with Jacqueline Jossa, just weeks after Megan had Teddy

Dan and Jac early days
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Who is Teddy Osbourne’s Mum?

Before meeting wife Jacqueline Jossa, Dan had a short relationship with Ms Tomlin in 2012 and 2013.

Dan and Megan
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The pair are believed to have dated for around 18 months, with Megan giving birth to their son Teddy Osborne in 2013.

However, the reality star’s relationship with the primary school teacher appeared to sour when he joined TOWIE.

Megan and Teddy
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They couple tried to make the relationship work when they found out Teddy Osborne was on the way. However, they just weren’t compatible and Dan moved out in April 2014.

The Jacqueline Jossa Drama

Before Jacqueline

After Dan and Megan split, the TOWIE star had a short fling with co-star Lucy Mecklenburgh. It was a rocky relationship from start to finish.

Dan Osborne and Lucy Mecklenburgh
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Mr Obsborne also dated fellow TOWIE cast members Ferne McCann and Jasmin Walia, however neither of these relationships developed into anything serious.

Dan Osborne Jasmin Walia
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Early Difficulties

Mr Osborne began his relationship with EastEnders star Jac Jossa not long after his TOWIE flings and after ending the relationship with Megan. The couple announced that Jacqueline was expecting a baby, their daughter Ella, not long after Megan and Dan split for good.

Jacqueline Jossa pregnant
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As you’d expect, Megan wasn’t pleased that Dan had moved on so quickly after Teddy Osborne came into the world, posting a series of messages on social media that ended with:

“Rebound relationships never last. Finally have a lovely time in Liverpool in the bed I was in just last week (mind you wouldn’t be the last time you’ve tried jumping in my place.”

Ouch! It can’t be easy seeing your ex’s new girlfriend posing with a baby bump.

A Rocky Romance

The pair remained loved up even in the wake of Teddy Osborne’s mum’s anger. Jacqueline and Dan got engaged in 2016 and married in 2017.

Osborne wedding
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The couple have two children together now: Ella Selina (born in 2015) and Mia (born in 2018).

Osborne Family
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Parenting Teddy Osbourne


It can’t be easy co-parenting with so much drama flying around and being in the public eye.

Back in 2016, Mr Osborne posted about his heartbreak over when he returns Teddy Osborne to his mum.

Heartbreaking! It’s nice to see that little Teddy has so much love from both of his parents.

Teddy Osborne’s Mum’s Frustrations

In the early days especially, Megan was not keen on Dan and Jacqueline having Teddy in the public eye. In 2015, the couple took part on a magazine shoot to talk about their newborn daughter. However, Teddy was mentioned in the interview, and Ms Tomlin was not pleased:

“I’ve heard about the recent magazine deal they’ve done, personally I wouldn’t talk about someone else’s child in an interview […] I felt it should have been based solely on the three of them and I personally wouldn’t have included mention of Teddy purely out of respect.”

An understandable concern, and far less angrily put than her original feelings about Dan and Jac’s relationship.

Osborne family
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Teddy Osborne’s Parents: A Healing Bond

However, it seems the pair do get on well most of the time. Even with a leaked audio clip that allegedly has Dan threatening to stab his ex-girlfriend from years ago, Dan now seems to have only good words to say about Megan:

“Teddy’s mum is a great mum and I get on really well with her now and I love that. That wasn’t me.”

Whatever the full story is here, it’s good that Teddy Osborne appears to have a steady, loving set of co-parents to help bring him up alongside his step-sisters, as can be seen from all of his sweet photos.

Dan and Teddy Osborne
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