Teas You Loved Coming Home To After School

By Amelia Slater

6th August 2020

Teas You Loved Coming Home To After School

Only true ’90s and early ’00s kids can appreciate some of these crackin’ British dinners (or ‘teas’ depending on your preference).

Back in the day, we were all about the potato smileys, turkey dinosaurs, spaghetti hoops and chicken dippers. It begs the question:  how the heck were we supposed to learn not to ‘play with our food’ when the noughties food industry functioned because of this gimmick?!

Anyway, here are some of our fave teas growing up British.


Turkey Dinosaurs

Turkey dinosaurs were the best; not only were they delicious but they also made mealtimes so much more fun!

Image Source: /Twitter @ratemyplatenow

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