Bugzy Malone Instagram: Troubled Child To Inspiring Rapper

By Tharmini Kenas

10th August 2020

Bugzy Malone Instagram: Troubled Child To Inspiring Rapper

Aaron Davis or more commonly known as Bugzy Malone is a 30-year old British rapper and actor. Remarkably, he has played a key role in grime revival in the UK. The rapper’s famous album King of the North peaked at No.4 in the UK Albums Chart. 

The rapper is outgoing, inspiring yet humble! Bugzy Malone’s Instagram will tell you about his outgoing yet humble personality, his lovely relationship and all about his life. His past was distressing but Bugzy Malone has victoriously paved his way to stardom! 

More about Bugzy Malone Instagram, his arduous journey to achieve success and his outlook towards life. 

A Problematic And Heartbreaking Childhood


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Bugzy was born into a poor family with criminal troubles. He was abandoned by his father and his stepfather abused his mother. Heartbreakingly, he even witnessed the murder of his uncle. Owing to the early exposure, he started getting involved in criminal activities when he was just eleven years old.

Unfortunately, he was expelled from school, arrested, and held in prison because of his wrongdoings. At a crucial turning point in his life, Bugzy decided that it was time for him to transform his life towards the better. 

As a result, he started boxing to prevent himself from getting into trouble. Surprisingly, he took up rapping as a side hobby when he was boxing and the rest is history. 

Rap Transformed His Life Over The Years…

Bugzy Malone Instagram

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“Music was more fitted to my temperament. If you were feeling sad and down in the boxing gym, you’d get hit more than you would on a normal day. If you’re feeling sad and down and you’re sitting in front of a computer with beats, you might make the best song you’ve ever made.”

Apparently, his music was a form of therapy for him since it helped him to get things off his chest. Slowly but surely, he finessed his craft and successfully made a name in the grime scene in London. 

Bugzy Malone has continuously worked hard to produce top notch music that made his fans go crazy over the years. As a result, he has put himself on par with other great rappers like Stormzy (If you are Stormzy’s fan, here’s all about his Instagram, height and net worth!) and MC Chip who are now his competitors. 

Bugzy Malone Is Humble And Grounded Despite Being A Grime Icon


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He might be a star and he might have hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across the globe, but Bugzy has a heart of gold and is determined to do his part for society. 

Incredibly, he constantly tries to help people who are struggling out there. 

Amazingly, Bugzy Malone is a big hit among his fans because he never forgets where he came from. Being grounded has been his superpower and his fans love him for that! 

His Admirable Love Life Will Make Anyone Smile! 

Apart from being a troubled youngster in the past and a dedicated grime artist now, Bugzy is also an incredible lover! He is determined to keep his relationship alive and his girlfriend happy. Unfortunately, he has kept his girlfriend out of the public eye for a long time. Looks like he is now making it up by appreciating her at every opportunity he gets. 

From Valentine’s Day shout out to a random appreciation post on Instagram, Bugzy does it full-heartedly for his girlfriend. However, not much is known about his girlfriend who is now his fiance. 


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Bugzy proposed to his girlfriend of nine years during their extravagant trip to Paris at the end of last year. On a particularly romantic night, the couple were jetting down the Seine on a private boat when Bugzy got on his knees. 

Understandably, his girlfriend was speechless but she nodded in agreement! The video was posted on Bugzy Malone’s Instagram and expectedly, it garnered a lot of likes and comments from his friends and fans. 

Undeniably, it was definitely romantic and heartwarming! What’s more, Bugzy has also said a thing or two about her in his lyrics. In the track Beauty And The Beast, he rapped about the problems they overcame when he was struggling and how she supported him throughout. 

The Ever Inspiring Bugzy Malone

For all those who are struggling in their lives, Bugzy Malone’s Instagram captions and his life lessons will be a phenomenal motivation to keep doing better! 

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