11 Random Games We Used To Live For As Kids

By Emma Moylan

13th August 2020

11 Random Games We Used To Live For As Kids

Looking back, our childhood was filled with such random games as the internet hadn’t massively become a thing and we all still had those weird white, square computers…

So instead, we had these mad little games that actually kept us occupied for hours. We’d steal our siblings tamagotchis or beg them play against us on Mario Karts and although we never knew who would win, one thing was for certain, it would always end up in a row.

Whether you preferred a Bop It or a game console, see if you can remember these random games that we used to absolutely love as kids.


Keeping this thing alive was high on our list of priorities when we were younger. Remember trying to sneak it into school so you could keep an eye on it? If that didn’t prove we were responsible enough to have a dog to our parents then I’m not sure anything ever will.

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