11 Pencil Cases We ALL Had In School

By Amelia Slater

17th August 2020

Let’s be honest, back in school, having the snazziest pencil case was about as important a priority as we could possibly have; along with unnecessary fruit-scented rubbers that didn’t erase anything but did leave a massive big smudge in our textbooks. Good times, eh?

The competitive nature of the pencil case game was strong and brutal; there were so many different pencil cases to choose from! You had the glossy one, the plain one, the football logo one…you name it! We all had one of these.

The type of pencil case you owned said a lot about you and it was like a statement! Which pencil case did you have? Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1. The One With The Favourite Football Team On It

There were probably at least ten lads in your class that had a football-themed pencil case with their favourite team’s logo on it.

They used to cause the most entertaining arguments between boys who insisted that their team was the best and the other’s was sh*t.

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