11 Memories All '00s Girls Will Remember About Doing Their Makeup

By Lucy Cooper

4th August 2020

Back in the ’00s, makeup was not nearly as well applied as it is these days – now it’s uncommon if one of your mates isn’t an MUA, or if you’ve not watched a few tutorials on how to nail that winged liner…

Some of our favourite throwbacks have actually worked themselves back in to our makeup bags and on to our faces, but some of them (fortunately) have stayed where they belong, in the past.

Have a cringe down memory lane with some of the hottest makeup trends of your teen years…

1- Majorly Over-plucked Eyebrows

We all got to that age where plucking your brows was the cool thing to do, unfortunately for us, we had no idea what we were doing so often ended up with brows that resembled upside-down Nike ticks.

Image result for thin eyebrows

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