X Factor's Janet Devlin Advises Talent Show Stars To Get A Therapist

By Cara Dudgeon

31st July 2020

Janet Devlin has advised talent show contestants to “get a therapist”

Image Source/ YouTube

The former The X Factor star – who finished in fifth place on the ITV series back in 2011 – has opened up on how people can best prepare for the “weird world” of reality television.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz:

‘Get a therapist! I know that sounds like such an odd thing to say but it’s true.

‘Everyone needs someone in their life that they can open up to and know that there is no ulterior motive.

‘Life changes very quickly with television and I just feel that having someone you can speak your truth to, in a safe environment is very important.

‘Even if you have the sanest of minds, television land is weird world!’

The 25-year-old singer also defended The X Factor and The Voice from critics, and insisted shows have good mental health support in place for those who need it.

She said:

‘There usually is. For me, when I was suffering with my mental health during ‘X Factor’, I reached out and help was provided to me.

‘I feel as though people think that these shows don’t have help for their contestants but that was not my experience – bear in mind this was 2011 too.

‘I would maybe suggest that they offer it more openly as to show contestants that it’s there – in case they are too afraid to ask’.

Janet wouldn’t rule out a return to reality television in the future – including the likes of Strictly Come Dancing – as long as it’s a “fun” project.

She added:

‘I certainly wouldn’t say no! I think now that I’m older, my truth is out and I know myself better – I’d definitely be up for doing some more TV work.

‘I think it’s all just about having fun and not taking things too seriously. I feel like people now a days have a better understanding of how reality TV works now too’.

Janet’s album ‘Confessional’ and her autobiography My Confessional are out now.

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