Shaughna Phillips Nearly Called Cops Over Date

By Cara Dudgeon

30th July 2020

Shaughna Phillips nearly called the police about her Celebs Go Virtual Dating date

Image Source/ Helensburg Advertiser

The Love Island star is looking for love once again on the E4 virtual dating show but was paired with her worst nightmare when her date was “borderline predatory” and started offending her.

She is quoted by The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column as saying:

‘Honestly, I was going to call the non-emergency police line because he was borderline predatory. I actually thought he was paid to offend me’.

Shaughna starred on winter Love Island earlier this year, and she believes her no-nonsense attitude on the show could be why her date was so rude.

She continued:

‘I think people who have seen Love Island might assume that I am one way, based on what they’ve seen, but that’s not the case. My date was absolutely shocking. I’ve been less offended reading my Instagram comments’.

The 26-year-old democratic advisor recently admitted she watched some of her time on the ITV2 dating show back, but noticed some segments appeared to be “completely different to how they happened”.

She said:

‘You know what happens behind the scenes, and you know the ending, so it’s a little bit boring watching it back.

‘Also there’s certain parts that have been shown on TV that were kind of completely different to how they happened. Because I know that, I don’t really want it to taint any of my memories that I’ve got’.

Shaughna admitted the producers’ edits on the show are “amazing” because sometimes the goings on in the villa are “very boring”.

She added:

‘It’s more so the editing. The way that they edit the show is amazing, because when you’re living it, you don’t actually realise it’s going to be a TV show.

‘They do actually work wonders because we were very boring sometimes’.

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