Rebecca Geordie Shore Now

By Lynda Keleer

1st July 2020

Rebecca Geordie Shore Now 

When Rebecca Geordie Shore first appeared on our TV screens back in 2011, it was a guilty pleasure to watch for many.

Don’t lie to yourself, you know you were hooked!

rebecca geordie shore now

It was reality TV show showcasing a bunch of eccentric people with different types of attitudes, hairstyles, and fake tan who were forced to become housemates.

While this sounds like a recipe for disaster for everyone in the house, it made for great television.

But where are the cast members who joined the show today?

Today, we’ll be discussing one of our favourite ex Geordie Shore star. Where is Rebecca Geordie Shore now?

Is Rebecca Geordie Shore now different than how we remembered her before?

Keep reading to get the latest lowdown!

Rebecca Walker on Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore has its own fair share of legends and Rebecca Walker will always have a special place in our hearts.

The iconic faces she makes and sassy attitude definitely stirred up some juicy drama.

But before we talk about Rebecca Geordie Shore now, let’s first learn a little about the moment she came onto our screens.

Rebecca joined the second series of the MTV show and was an instant hit especially with the guys and viewers at home.

The party-loving lass was getting a lot of attention, and it wouldn’t be a reality show without jealous housemates around ready to spice things up.


Housemates Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby didn’t take to Rebecca at first, but she was slowly accepted due to her witty remarks on the show.

Where are her two co-stars now? Both Vicky and Charlotte are now famous reality TV stars!

We’re also sure that you remember her short-lived but still equally dramatic affair with co-star Jay Gardner!

And if you don’t remember Jay, we’ll give you a clue: majestic eyebrows.

Jay was initially getting close to Vicky so that explains why she and Rebecca didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

Where is Jay today? He launched a male fake tanning line called Jay’s Tan but today he seems to be laying low from social media.

Rebecca Geordie Shore Best Moments

Before we go on to talk about Rebecca Geordie Shore now, let’s first remember some of her best moments!

One of the reasons why we love her is due to her blunt yet humorous personality.

Her comebacks on the show makes for good catchphrases like this one:

“Good riddance. Ta-ta. Thanks for Coming. F*** Off.”

Fans loved it!

We also love the times she stood up for herself besides being a newcomer on the show. Like the time she stood up to Vicky!

Not to mention the many times she appeared on screen looking at every different shade of tan.

Oh, and remember the time she ‘accidentally’ caused a fight between Jay and Gaz? Or the time she ‘fanny farted’ on reality TV.

But besides her stirring up more drama in the house, she was also a good friend to her co-stars including Charlotte and Holly Hagan.

Rebecca truly was a wholesome cast member which is why we all still remember her dearly.

Rebecca Geordie Shore Now

Unfortunately, she left the show abruptly during the end of series three.

No one is sure of the real reason but speculations surround her falling out with Jay and her other co-stars.

We wished she stayed and rode it out like co-star Marnie Simpson!

So, where is Rebecca Geordie Shore now?

You probably wouldn’t recognize her without all that fake tan, but Rebecca Walker is now a hot mama!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Rebecca Walker (@rebeccalwalker) on

She went from party girl Rebecca to proud mother to her two sons Harry-Theo and Brody.

In fact, she just had Brody last year in 2019.

Rebecca’s look also took 360 degrees turn as she has officially said bye-bye to fake tan and is embracing her new blonde look!

See it for yourself and head to her Instagram page where she constantly shares updates on her life now to her 40k over followers.


View this post on Instagram


Forgot what it feels like to get ready and go on a night out 😏 #lifebeforequarantine #lockdownlife

A post shared by Rebecca Walker (@rebeccalwalker) on

Trust us, you wouldn’t even recognize her.

Okay we have to admit, we’re following her mostly for cute pictures of Harry-Theo!

We just can’t resist his chubby cheeks and cheeky smile.

Rebecca Geordie Shore Today

As of now, it does not seem like Rebecca will be returning to our screens anytime soon.

She seems happy being a great mama to her two toddlers.

While we love to see her back stirring up some drama, we’re happy for her!

Perhaps she’ll consider joining the next cast of Big Brother?

We can only hope!

In the meantime, we will continue to keep tabs on Rebecca Geordie Shore Now, her son Harry-Theo, and baby Brody to show them some love!

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